We operate at the intersection of creativity, strategy and commerce and have the ability to drive positive change and accomplish our clients’ goals through hands-on strategic advice and creative thinking.

Our approach:
1. Insights and Opportunities
2. Strategy and Story
3. Concept and Design
4. Implementation and Activation
We consider it our mission to move brands and businesses forward in order to meet tomorrow’s customer needs. To deliver the remarkable experiences that inspire, engage and set you apart from the competition.
At Skyne we reinvent and create impact through sound reasoning, compelling strategies, inspiring design and memorable experiences. In turn establishing customer loyalty, positively influencing purchase decisions and driving business results.
Because we believe innovation is found at the boundaries between disciplines we unite people with different skills and mindsets. Making use of the strengths of each, we unleash new perspectives and fresh thinking about brands, markets, challenges and competitors.
Our solutions come to life in clear process steps.
First come insights and opportunities. These are the foundation for developing the remarkable strategies and compelling brand stories that we are known for.

From there we turn to the capable, skilled hands of our creatives who transform our ideas into imaginative concepts and beautiful, state-of-the-art designs. Implementation is our last step. This is where we put everything to work for the benefit of your business and brand, with the sole purpose to making it grow and flourish.

Our approach allows information and ideas to be organized, decisions to be made, and situations to be improved. We stop at nothing to make sure the solution to your challenge exceeds the ordinary.

Our Services

Insights and Opportunities

Brand assessment, Brand identity review, Market scan, Target audience research, Customer journey mapping, Trendwatching, Retail safari, Workshops.

Strategy and Story

Brand strategy, Brand positioning, Mission and vision, Brand personality, Brand values, Brand essence, Value proposition, Guiding principle, Brand story, Message, Tagline, Elevator pitch, Brand architecture, Brand guidelines, Name development,
Cultural adaptation of your brand strategy for local markets.

Concept and Design

Concept development (retail, hospitality, office space, visitor experience), Brand identity design, Brand identity guidelines, Interior branding, Signage and wayfinding design, Communication tools design (on and offline), Collateral design, Graphics and illustrations, Packaging design, P.O.S. materials design, Interior design, Exhibition stand design.

Implementation and Activation

Activation concepts, Activation calendar, Production, Creative supervision, PR and communication.
Skyne International

Our cross-disciplinary teams in The United Arab Emirates, The Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and the United States of America approach the challenges of a wide mix of international and local clients. Working across a range of industries affords us a broad insight meaning we can explore what lies beyond your immediate reach.

Founded in The Netherlands, our Dutch roots are reflected in the way we do business: straightforward, honest and taking initiative.

Skyne International
Dennis de Rond
– Founder & CEO

As an entrepreneur, I know what it takes to survive the early startup years to become, maintain and nurture a successful enterprise.

Working for clients all over the globe, I had the opportunity to experience many different cultures and countries every time. It is a challenge to immerse yourself and try to understand consumer habits, preferences, and dreams in order to gain the insights for building successful brands.

Holds a Master degree in Identity Design and Branding. Born and raised in The Netherlands. Worked in various leading positions for international branding agencies (London, Madrid, New York, Amsterdam). Specialties: Brand Strategy, brand creation, packaging, corporate identity and advertising. Extensive experience in global branding in FMCG and Telecom sectors.

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Skyne Middle East
Steven Rijkaard
– Associate partner

In today’s business, regional boundaries continue to disappear, and companies are increasingly working on a global scale.

The result is not only the creation of opportunities, but also the rise of new challenges. I have been based in the Middle East for almost a decade now, particularly in Saudi Arabia. I have gained a strong understanding of the market, and I continue to apply my knowledge in helping companies build and develop their companies in the region.

Holds a Master degree in chemical engineering with marketing and sales education. Extensive track record of various leading sales and marketing roles in Europe and the Middle East. Specialties: Using customer insight to position brands, products, and services, and to build revenue with these strategies.

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Skyne Asia
Lars Arne de Jong
– Associate partner

I believe successful brands are developed by capturing the imagination of their audiences, relating to their view on the world, and their values in a relevant and credible way.

That means creating real substance that stems from the core of a company’s existence. A brand functions and develops best when steered from the inside of the company to the outside world of their customers. I am a free and lateral thinker with an entrepreneurial mind. I love making original and innovative connections between people, business concepts and brands. I am inherently multidisciplinary.

Has a background in Anthropology and Sustainable Development and combines experience in consultancy, teaching, research and management. Worked in international consultancy firms and agencies (The Netherlands, Portugal, UAE). Specialties: Marketing and Brand Strategy, Management Consultancy in the fields of Urban Development, Tourism and Technology.

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Skyne Europe
Marcel Hoes
– Associate partner

In an ever-changing world, it is essential for any organization, brand or institute, regardless of size or scale, to keep innovating and remain relevant.

With my expertise, it is my personal mission to drive innovation and improvement for better business results. The right marketing strategy is critical to achieve successful innovation and can be compared to a ‘mise en place’: putting everything in place before you start, leading to an efficient and organized way of working. Interacting and working together with people boosts my energy. It’s all about pushing forward with others to deliver great outcomes.

Holds over 30 years of experience in leading positions at national and international well-reputed companies and institutes in media, consultancy and education, including the Nyenrode Business University, World Association of Newspapers and Newspublishers and the Dutch broadcasting company. Specialties: Marketing and Innovation Strategy and Management consultancy.

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Skyne North America
Titus Plattel
– Associate partner

Brand development is a passion born from my background developing branded medicines. It requires constant adaptation, problem solving, drive and perseverance with the believe reaching the end goal in mind.

Failure is allowed as it generates the best learning and creates new opportunities to find innovative avenues to solve the challenge at hand. From research and concept, to the final solution, reaching the finish line with a successful market launch provides me with the ultimate ‘drug’.

Holds a Master degree in Business Administration and Health Science coupled with 25 years working experience in the global biotechnology in developing and launching healthcare brands. Passionate about all facets of brand development with a love for launching new brands!

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