A strategic approach to launching a new cyber security company in the UAE

Mar 17, 2019 | Announcements, Branding, Positioning, Project News, Strategy

A strategic approach to launching a new cyber security company in the UAE

Over the past few months, our team has been working with Rashiq IT Consultants to develop its positioning, brand strategy and elevator pitch. The company, well-known for its cyber security services in The Netherlands, recently decided to enter the UAE market under the name Rashiq and approached Skyne for help. We were challenged to develop a strategic approach and message to cater to the local needs and behaviours while setting the company apart from the competition.

We started with a kick-off meeting to gather clarity on Rashiq’s needs and ambitions. From there, we dived into the world of cyber security, which is high on the agenda of many companies and government entities. Based on our insights we jointly decided to approach the market differently. For instance, cyber security is often marketed by targeting FUD: fear, uncertainty & doubt. Also, it is usually not considered ‘real’, or something that can happen to you. We came up with new ways to address local needs, create awareness, make services more friendly and to position Rashiq IT Consultants in the UAE. All of our findings and choices were further developed into a brand strategy and elevator pitch.

Sjafruddin D’Mattos, co-founder & CEO: “My first meeting with Skyne felt familiar right away. The passion for their field immediately stood out. Their flexibility, joined-up thinking, thinking differently and energy were decisive for us to work with Skyne. We are excited and very satisfied about the result and our team immediately put the elevator pitch into practice during ‘The Gulf Congress On Cyber Security’ on February 4-5 in Dubai, resulting in several solid leads for our company. We will definitely be working with Skyne again for the next step…”

We want to thank the Rashiq IT Consultants team for their enthusiasm, dedication and the confidence and trust they have placed in us.

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