Skyne welcomes the Dutch Ambassador Lody Embrechts to its office

Sep 23, 2021 | Announcements, Events, Leadership

The Dutch Ambassador for the United Arab Emirates, Lody Embrechts, visited Skyne’s office on September 22 to tour the Dutch Design Centre and discussed ideas about the progressive collaborations between the UAE and The Netherlands. The meeting comes as a run up to the 50 year anniversary between the two nations. With a strong belief that the countries can achieve incredible feats for the benefit of humankind. Half a century of bilateral relations were facilitated by people working on both sides of the pond, melding Dutch design thinking with the innovations of the UAE. 


IMG_0114 IMG_0137 (1)

As founders of the Dutch Design Centre, Skyne has emphasized the importance of such relations, and has looked towards stimulating the creative sector in the UAE. By bringing in creative talent locally and internationally, investing in forging stronger cultural relations.

Working together with schools, universities and designers from the creative sector in the UAE, we have always been enthusiastic about being the bridge between the countries, to inspire and connect like minded people. As partnership between the nations has always been historically defined by the exchange of knowledge and experience.


During the tour, The Ambassador was shown around the various companies that occupy the Dutch Design Centre premises. Businesses that have existed and celebrated Dutch design in the region for years. 

This spirit of open exchange has been key for the UAE-Dutch relationship. Envisioning 50 more years of diplomatic partnerships ahead, we take part in strengthening our connections and efforts for the promotion of sustainable development, innovation and creative dialogue in both regions.


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