Hayyan: A uniquely crafted natural villa community in Sharjah

Hayyan is the newly launched natural villa community in Sharjah by Alef Group. It extends over an area of 8.7 million square feet and is distinguished by having the Emirate’s largest swimmable lagoon and the largest community park in the Emirate of Sharjah. Hayyan conveys an inclusiveness that reflects Sharjah’s culture and heritage while creating…

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Elevating user experience with outstanding gift packaging design

On the occasion of the United Arab Emirates’ 50th national day, OneHive reached out to Skyne to design an outstanding high end gift pack for their honey. OneHive is a local honey brand originated in the mountains of Hatta, under the stewardship of His Highness Sheikh Salem bin Sultan Al Qasimi. The brand welcomes local…

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5 successful ways groceries have innovated worldwide

Blog by Lubna Farooqui, Brand Strategist at Skyne As a strategic branding and design agency, Skyne has had a frequent and comprehensive relationship with the grocery industry for many years, specifically in the Middle East and Europe. A number of our clients here occupy shelf spaces in these very grocery stores, requiring us to be…

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A dive into Skyne’s creative process: sourcing inspiration

Diwani is a calligraphic genre of Arabic script, it was developed in the early 17th century and gained its momentum under Suleyman I the Magnificent. The Diwani script was one of the secrets of the sultan’s palace – only its masters and a few bright students knew its rules. This calligraphic style conveys beauty and…

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Hinu Bay: An Award Winning Destination in the Heart of Oman

Hinu is an unspoiled destination in the south of Oman in the ‘green’ Dhofar region. The Government of Oman issued a strategic mandate to increase the number of visitors to the country, from 3.3m in 2017 to 11.7m by 2040. They are doing this through an approximate investment of 
20bn OMR. Hinu was identified as…

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Rebranding sustainability with OneHive

A global vision for a UAE honey brand OneHive is a local award winning honey brand originated in the mountains of Hatta, under the stewardship of His Highness Sheikh Salem bin Sultan Al Qasimi. His commitment to sustainability of the honey bee has been a driving force in the rebranding of this unique honey brand.…

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Virtual and augmented reality: the future of marketing & sales?

virtual and augmented reality

Article by Skyne, information provided by Freek Teunen, Business Developer at VR Owl | 3-5 minute read We, at Skyne, have created unique customer journeys and touch-points by developing brand experiences that truly stand out, making every interaction with the brand noteworthy.  Although, while creating stand out experience design for our partners, we noticed an…

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ZY Association, Fostering a culture of Saudi elegance

zy header

“ZY” may seem like distinct individual letters, but when pronounced as “zai” have a whole world of meaning in Arabic. In the Arabic language, ZY has connotations related  to “outfit” “costume” “fashion” and “style.” This unique naming is perfectly fitting for ZY, as the fashion, jewelry and beauty association and the fourth initiative in Mukatafa’s…

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Launching a new look with original flavours; Jomara Date Syrup

jomara on pancake

After successfully launching the new Date Pouch in the UAE market, Bateel’s Jomara, in collaboration with Skyne, launched a new packaging design for their Date Syrup (Dhibs). They released 3 new flavours; Vanilla, Passion Fruit, and Cardamom. Apart from local Emiratis and Arabs, not many know of Dhibs or how it is used. This presented…

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