Virtual and augmented reality: the future of marketing & sales?

virtual and augmented reality

Article by Skyne, information provided by Freek Teunen, Business Developer at VR Owl | 3-5 minute read We, at Skyne, have created unique customer journeys and touch-points by developing brand experiences that truly stand out, making every interaction with the brand noteworthy.  Although, while creating stand out experience design for our partners, we noticed an…

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How the Digital Customer Journey is changing your business

digital customer journey art

By Lubna Farooqui, Brand Strategist at Skyne | 3-5 minute read The world is changing and those that don’t understand what is happening, are being left out. Let us take you on a journey within the next few minutes that will transform the way you think about your business moving forward. Let us paint a…

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Table Lights from Skyne on Vimeo. is owned and operated by Desert River; a successful Dubai-based trading company specialized in European lifestyle brands and event rentals. The company found a gap in the UAE market to create a simple, clean and straightforward platform to find anything related to table lights. It was mainly focussing on their existing…

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Branding Insights: Brand positioning for solid competitive advantage

skyne news blog

By Dennis de Rond, Founder / CEO of Skyne  |  3-5 minute read Warning! This article makes you see the brands around you from a different perspective. If you want to love your favourite brands the way you did before, please do not read any further. Because this article is about to reveal how your…

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A virtual playground makes hospital visits more bearable for pediatric patients

Virtual Reality is set to revolutionise the Healthcare industry. We at Skyne work closely together with the healthcare sector to improve the customer experience and have seen a considerable increase in the use of VR in the healthcare sector. Last week, we invited our friend and young entrepreneur Freek Teunen from the Netherlands to introduce…

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Skyne creates Dutch Design Center’s new website

dutch design center white minimised

The Dutch Design Center (DDC) is an online and offline platform that brings the best of Dutch design to the Middle East. One and a half year after its launch, DDC’s communication goals were gradually moving from creating awareness to building a community. In order to do so, DDC needed a renewal of its website,…

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