LEAD Ventures – The Office of Sheikh Sultan Bin Abdullah Al Qasimi has found great synergies to collaborate with- and extend the unique service offering of Skyne to Lead Ventures’ Strategic Partners.


LEAD Ventures – The Office of Sheikh Sultan Bin Abdullah Al Qasimi.

LEAD Ventures brings top notch companies to the local market to serve urgent needs of their products. Companies offering smart solutions are the main target. They aim to front these initiatives and become key competent players.

When providing the right opportunities to the right network, businesses and partners can take a substantial step forward. They can build upon their net worth and introduce unique products and services to the country’s economy that enrich the value of life and boost eagerness. LEAD Ventures plays a significant role in enabling businesses and partners to join a competitive market and prosper with the benefit of a rich industry experience and high caliber network.


Skyne creative visionaries

Skyne has more than 10 years of international and local market experience. With an extensive and successful track record, we deliver state of the art projects to public and private entities and is a key factor to the economic growth of multiple organizations.

‘We found great synergies to collaborate with Skyne and extend their unique service offering to Lead Ventures’ Strategic Partners. Together, we foresee lots of mutual benefits and many success stories ahead through a more comprehensive offering to our Strategic Partners’.
– Mohammed Al Banna, CEO and managing director LEAD Ventures.

‘The strength of our partnership fosters collaboration and allows us to offer services and solutions that help our customers become more successful’.
– Dennis de Rond, Founder Skyne

‘The team spent a day together with Skyne creative visionaries at their office in the Dutch Design Center. During this meeting they discussed our strategy for the next 3 years. Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much more, for our partners and the economy’.
– Mohammed al Banna