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“As an entrepreneur, he knows what it takes to survive the early startup years to become, maintain and nurture a successful business. He uses creativity as a powerful and profitable source of innovative business development. A creative leader with the skill to look at things in new ways and solve problems by seeing things others don’t. This is crucial to any organization in the ever-changing business and cultural climate of today.

Working for clients all over the globe, he had the opportunity to experience many different cultures and countries. It is a challenge to immerse yourself and try to understand consumer habits, preferences, and dreams in order to gain the insights for building successful brands and companies.”

Holds a master’s degree from Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam – University of Applied sciences. Born and raised in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Worked in leading positions for international branding and design agencies (London, New York, Amsterdam).

When not solving complex branding challenges, he enjoys sailing, skiing and discovering new cities. And has a weakness for German sports cars.

dennis partner

Skyne International

Dennis de Rond
Founder & CEO

Having extensive and varied experience in the media, sales and marketing sector, Siegrid is responsible for lending a hand to the growth of these sectors alongside planting a stream of innovative ideas across the Netherlands and other European countries.

Not only are her creative ideas and expertise relevant to the modern media industry, she also has substantial on field experience, through pioneering the revitalization of complex organizations. Having proven consistently through her robust track record in global business development. Having 2 bachelor’s degrees in Marketing Communication and Business Administration, she comes from a background in combining marketing strategies with business initiatives.

Siegrid now specialises in, developing local and global partnerships, creating business plans, strategizing market expansion, leading innovative change, and closest to her upbeat nature: inspiring people.

Siegrid’s vision pierces through the present and dives into the future, being able to turn current ideas into real-world success stories. Hailing from Dutch province of Brabant, known for their hospitality and down-to-earth attitude, Siegrid imbibes this culture into her result-oriented approach, with a dash of good natured humor.

When she is not making your ideas into a tangible reality- Siegrid can be found on a tennis court or on top of a ski slope or in the middle of hosting elaborate dinner parties for friends.

siegrid partner

Skyne Netherlands

Siegrid Althuizen

Having graduated in the Netherlands with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Sports and a certificate in Entrepreneurship from the University of Cambridge, Roel is confident in his independence and ability to build business relationships with a particular eye for the Entrepreneurial spirit.

His love for exploration and sports led him to working for the Dutch football association KNVB and for the Dutch football club, Willem II. Further specialising in marketing & communications and business development made him venture out, investing 4 years into his own consultancy firm dedicated to sustainability in the Netherlands.

Born and raised in the south of the Netherlands, Roel employs the modern outlook with a touch of traditionalism. Connecting and initiating with people through his humble attitude with the right amount of humor, Roel has worked with brands in various sectors all across the Middle East and Africa. His personal values shine through his work, which is built on complete honesty, transparency and sincerity.

When Roel is out of the office you can find him on the football field or dancing the bachata on the dance floor or immersed in Caribbean food and vibes.

Roel also considers himself to be a global citizen, unless there’s a European or World Football Championship, during which he turns into a fanatic supporter of the Dutch team chanting 'Hup Holland Hup!

roel partner

Skyne United Arab Emirates

Roel Vos