Skyne’s partners are seasoned business leaders who know what it takes to get to the next level.

Our partners

“As an entrepreneur, I know what it takes to survive the early startup years to become, maintain and nurture a successful enterprise.

Working with clients all over the globe, I had the opportunity to experience many different cultures and countries every time. It is a challenge to immerse yourself and try to understand consumer habits, preferences, and dreams in order to gain the insights for building successful brands.”

Holds a Master degree in Identity Design and Branding. Born and raised in The Netherlands. Worked in various leading positions for international branding agencies (London, Madrid, New York, Amsterdam). Specialties: Brand Strategy, brand creation, packaging, corporate identity and advertising. Extensive experience in global branding in FMCG and Telecom sectors.

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Skyne Middle East and North-Africa

Dennis de Rond
Founder & CEO

“Branding and design are the key drivers of business success and are the only ways that companies can stand out from the crowd.

My passion is building brands and innovating companies as part of their grow strategies. The Why for my business is to help brands to be successful in new markets, which can be to enter new industries in local or international markets. As former CEO of a media monitoring and intelligence agency I daily experienced how to innovate and develop brands and products continuously in order to stay ahead of the fierce competition”.

Strong Executive with 18 years of experience in the Media business and Marketing management. Holds academic degrees in Business Administration and Business Communication, as well as a MBA in the Media Industry. Passionate entrepreneur who is responsible for the Skyne business in The Netherlands. Specialties: Business Strategy, Media, Branding, PR, Innovation, Datadriven insights, Social Media and Digital.

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Rinske Willemsen
Skyne Netherlands

Rinske Willemsen

“With over 10 years of working with reputable international brands and franchises, both in the retail and food industry, both in Latin America and in the MENA region. All brands maintain one success factor. Brand experience.

Brand Experience is defined as a conceptualized sensations, feelings and behavioral responses triggered by a brand’s design, identity, packaging, communications, and environment.

As a Serial Entrepreneur, the key success factor of any business is a blend of leadership, vision, and knowledge. Having worked in the Americas has enriched and diversified my cultural background which is a crucial element to be translated into the world of branding.

Specialties: Management and Business Consultancy and Entrepreneurship.

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Skyne Lebanon

Abdallah Hakim

“Brand development is a passion born from my background developing branded medicines. It requires constant adaptation, problem-solving, drive, and perseverance with the believe reaching the end goal in mind.Failure is allowed as it generates the best learning and creates new opportunities to find innovative avenues to solve the challenge at hand. From research and concept to the final solution, reaching the finish line with a successful market launch provides me with the ultimate ‘drug’.”

Holds a Master degree in Business Administration and Health Science coupled with 25 years working experience in the global biotechnology in developing and launching healthcare brands. Passionate about all facets of brand development with a love for launching new brands.

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Skyne North America

Titus Plattel
Associate partner

“With 8 years of working in various creative and communications agencies across the world, I can proudly say that today I master inspiring brand-building, complemented with an integrated marketing communications expertise. This allowed me to provide support to various clients from several industries and to become more successful in exposing people to what they do in a simpler, yet more authentic manner.

I have always believed in the power of communication in driving positive change, and creating a better a world. Words hide energy. And communication is simply the art of choosing the right words for the right audience. I think the key success factor of any brand revolves around its big purpose, and how this brand becomes part of people’s everyday life, with simplicity, integrity and creativity.

Brand-building is my core expertise, I help the creative visionaries to achieve their business goals, and make their initiatives better stand out from the crowd.

Holds a Master degree in Integrated Marketing Communications. Proud of my double French-Tunisian cultures. Lived in seven different cities where I felt home and learnt from inspiring people (Montreal, Paris, London, Tunis, New York, Doha and Dubai).

Specialties: Project Management, Business Development, Brand-Building & Strategy, Creative Ideation, Integrated Marketing Communications. Especially passionate about the cultural & tourism / hospitality industries.”

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Skyne Abu Dhabi

Haikel Ben Hamouda
Associate partner