Project Description

Nederlandse Club Dubai:
A new brand identity
Nederlandse Club Dubai approached Skyne to develop a renewed and refreshing brand identity that appeals to the club members.
Nederlandse Club Dubai’s new identity represents the expressive and festive nature of the

Nederlandse Club Dubai (NCD) organises many activities for its members in Dubai. Originally founded in 1984, the club was in need of a more modern brand identity to appeal to its community. We started our design process by researching the target audience and the values, purpose & offering of NCD.

Based on our insights we determined the organisation was in need of a fresh and catchy nickname: Club NL, which brings the memorability and social aspect of the club to a higher level.

While developing the identity, a logotype and use of colour were also developed to represent the expressive and the festive nature of the club.

The new identity was received very well by the club members. We presented the final identity during the club’s members meeting on Thursday, October 12, 2017. Being very happy with it, it was proudly presented in Hollands Nieuwe, the club’s magazine.


Insights and opportunities: Market scan, Target audience research / Strategy and story: Naming / Concept and design: Brand identity design, Communication tools / Implementation and activation: Project management