Yaqeen Capital, Built On Trust

Yaqeen, an innovative and reliable financial powerhouse, uniting expertise & innovation in order to lead the future of investment banking in Saudi Arabia. Yaqeen is the trusted and preferred financial advisor, providing comprehensive investment solutions that consistently helps clients accomplish their financial goals.

A comprehensive financial investment solution expert, focused on realising client goals. Yaqeen transformed itself from "Falcom Financial Services" Yaqeen translates to trust, reliance and most of all certainty. Certainty that Yaqeen exists for the same reason Falcom did: To be a trustworthy organisation that our people can always rely on.

Yaqeen Capital

Rebranding "Falcom Financial" towards a new era with "Yaqeen" through a brand strategy, brand story, rebranded identity, website design and a go-to market strategy to develop a trusted investment solution brand for the Saudi market with a modern look.

A new brand strategy, brand positioning, brand story and new brand identity, including a brand new website, showcasing Yaqeen Capital as the modern powerhouse investment solution provider to its target audience.

Project scope

A modern rebrand that carries forward people's trust

Yaqeen Capital wanted to establish a modern brand that communicates the same values as "Falcom Financial" but one that also conveys a new future potential and an intelligent digital outlook. To do this seamlessly, Yaqeen Capital required a brand strategy, brand story, brand positioning, a new brand identity and a brand new website. Skyne's scope was to bring this ambitious vision to fruition, by rebranding "Falcom Financial" into "Yaqeen Capital" and assisting in the launch of the new identity that will hold Yaqeen's vision for years to come.

The brand strategy needed to be actualised via a distinctive brand identity that allows Yaqeen to stand in the same brandscape with its competitors whilst also maintaining its own identity and being uniquely identifiable.

Project Scope

Investment banking that fits the modern Saudi Arabia

In order to ascertain the core of the Yaqeen brand, several interviews were conducted with the Head of Departments of Yaqeen's main 3 pillars: Asset Management, Brokerage and Investment Banking.

We identified several key trends and developments through conducting brand & market research, further analysing and benchmarking similar investment banking houses in Saudi Arabia to understand the brandscape and how organisations are positioned next to each other. This helped us capitalise on carving a specific niche for Yaqeen that allowed the brand to position itself as an innovative and comprehensive leader in the industry, that puts people first.

yaqeen-dropping business cards-01
From strategy to design

A continuous cycle of knowledge

Yaqeen’s ambitions and aspirations are represented by the continuous cycle of gaining knowledge and applying that knowledge to spark new opportunities for innovative solutions.

Thus, the symbol of Yaqeen represents the ever continuous cycle of gaining knowledge and using it to create new solutions and innovative opportunities, while the letter shapes incorporate a positive upwards and forward motion.

The end result is the logo for Yaqeen that represents a guiding star and a constant beacon

How we helped Yaqeen Capital refocus and rebrand, seamlessly transitioning their audience from old to new


Brand and Market Research

Business assessment
Market Analyis
Competitor Analysis
Brand opportunities


Brand Strategy & Story

Brand strategy
Brand positioning
Brand story & Tagline
Central message


Concept & Design

Concept development
Brand identity design
Brand guidelines
Collateral design
Communication tools design


Digital Design & Development

Website design & build
Wire frames creation
User interface (UI) design
User experience (UX) design

Moath Smaller

“A few minutes after I walked out of a meeting where a strategic decision was taken to rebrand our company, Skyne’s business development team cold called me. What a coincidence! Assessed them against other competitors, they won! Post appointment, the whole Skyne team was always ready to help, especially when our go-live time-plan was shortened. Great team to work with. Highly recommended.”



Moath Alkhasawneh, Managing Director & CEO


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