Hinu Bay

An award winning destination in the heart of Oman

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Oman Investment Authority

To create a destination that is truly reflective of the people of Salalah, is authentic and displays a sense of being close to nature and wildlife. 

A new identity for the picturesque and unique destination with a strong strategy and story that supports their vision.

Unspoiled, understated sophistication: Hinu Bay

Hinu is an unspoiled destination in the south of Oman in the ‘green’ Dhofar region. The Government of Oman issued a strategic mandate to increase the number of visitors to the country by 2040. They are doing this through an approximate investment of 
20bn OMR. Hinu was identified as one of the key destinations to help achieve this target.

Although there are several luxury hotels in the ‘booming’ Salalah area, they are not reflective of the place or its people. Hinu is a perfect fit with the local area. It is a luxury, Eco-Friendly destination with a relaxed and understated sophistication. It is full of natural beauty and wildlife, with close proximity to one of the most authentic ocean environments in the world. It is enjoyed by young discerning travellers and those looking for more than just a luxury hotel with 5-star facilities.


Destination branding for an Eco-friendly destination

Skyne was chosen to conduct brand and market research alongside developing a name, a brand identity, brand strategy and story for this picturesque and unique location.

The strategic purpose of Hinu is to offer visitors an authentic and enriching experience in a place which is completely integrated into the local environment. Based on our research and stakeholder engagement, we created a strategy which underpins these key strands. We developed the vision, mission, values, personality and brand promise, which defines this enchanted place.

The strategic purpose of Hinu is to offer visitors an authentic and enriching experience in a place which is completely integrated into the local environment and its culture. It attracts visitors who are responsible and informed. They come to Hinu because it respects its environment and its people.
 These factors set the tone for our creative inspiration and the marketing collaterals that we have created for Hinu.


Always natural, uplifting and real

A brand identity was created for Hinu which is rooted in the brand strategy. The colour palette is drawn from the land, sea and sky. The logo features elegant typography which has been crafted to resemble the soft waves of the ocean and the gentle breeze that carries across the destination. Hinu imagery features local people, local nature and authentic experiences – always natural, uplifting and real.

The Hinu brand defines the destination through its strategy, 
its story, colours, typography, imagery, natural materials for wayfinding and more. All of these elements combine to deliver 
a luxury, eco-friendly destination brand, tailored to those seeking more from their vacation and aligned to their personal beliefs on environmental responsibility and sustainability.


Hand-crafted typography for an authentic feel

When considering the identity, it became apparent that Hinu’s rich history, coupled with superb local nature and culture, should be evident in the wordmark typography. In relation to travellers and stories of the past, we explored old Arabic handwriting and scripts. At the same time, we considered the gentle pace and honest simplicity of Hinu – the lapping waves and soft breeze. 
We hand-crafted a typography language which we and the client believe captures these elements. They are the very essence of Hinu.

Our use of typography plays a pivotal role in telling the story of Hinu and conveying the essence of the destination to the target audience.

The logo features elegant typography which has been hand-crafted 
with Arabic and English characters together in one wordmark. 
It resembles the soft waves of the ocean and gentle breeze that carries across the destination.

How we helped Hinu Bay reflect its enchanting nature to increase visitors to the region of Oman

Research & Analysis

Market scan
Target audience research
Stakeholder research
Brand opportunities

Strategy & Story

Brand strategy
Brand positioning
Brand story
Central message
Guiding principle

Concept & Design

Brand identity design
Brand collateral design
Communication tools design
Brand guidelines

Implementation & Activation

Project management
Collateral production

Morouj Skyne Partner

When working with Hinu, it was important that we captured its essence of place. Through its people and unspoilt beauty, we were able to create a luxury, yet eco-friendly destination brand for those seeking more from their vacation. 

– Paul Docherty,
Creative Director of Skyne

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