Unifying the private, public and third sectors in Saudi Arabia


Mukatafa required a brand strategybrand storymessaging system and brand identity to create focus and to direct Mukatafa’s main purpose and objectives.

A new brand strategybrand positioningbrand story and new brand identity, setting Mukatafa apart as the leader in advocacy and collaborative efforts.

Awarded Gold in the category ‘Best use of Typography.
Awarded Bronze in the category ‘Best Visual identity from retail sector’ Transform Awards MENA.

Unifying the private, public and third sectors in Saudi Arabia: Mukatafa

Mukatafa is the only organisation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that has worked actively towards the collaboration and integration of private, public and third sectors, with the purpose of realising solutions in order to shape and grow a better Saudi economy. Creating a future where everyone wins.

Mobilizing industry leaders and developing partnerships as advocacy specialists, Mukatafa is driven to execute solutions that have an impact. Impact that will improve the business environments, ensuring job opportunities, employment growth, and a better quality of life.

Mukatafa’s vision stems from Saudi’s Vision 2030 strategic framework that aims to reduce Saudi’s reliance on oil and to strategically diversify its socio-economic constitution by the year 2030. Mukatafa advocacy for the development of the Saudi region for a sustainable future plays a major role in bringing Saudi’s Vision 2030 to life.


Bringing this venture to fruitition

To bring this venture to fruitition, Mukatafa required a brand strategy, brand story, messaging system and brand identity. Skyne was brought on board to realise this vision by creating a strategy for Mukatafa that would be launched with the new introduction of Mukatafa’s revamped platform. The brand strategy needed to be supported through a user-friendly website that informs and engages with the user. For the build of the website Skyne researched the best trends for UI and UX in the market and created the sitemap, wireframes, UI and UX and the concept design.

Skyne’s mission was to create focus and to direct the Mukatafa’s main purpose and objectives, making the brand message cohesive and understandable to the key demographic. So that Mukatafa could be placed a touch above the rest, and be a leading pioneer in their field of advocacy between the public and the private.


Uniting the public and private sector in Saudi Arabia.

The idea behind the brand identity communicates the innovative and empowering ambitions of Mukatafa and its ability to connect and lead a diverse community.

By a clear and inventive visualisation of a beacon, an interlinked mark of excellence and a subtle hint to the national symbol of Saudi, Mukatafa proves itself as a leader. Guiding and unifying a diverse and dynamic community towards progress and growth.

mo'an logo skyne
zy association logo
qoot logo


Helping Mukatafa visualising their grander vision

After our success with Mukatafa, we were handed 3 key associations under Mukatafa’s support: ZY, Qoot & Mo’an. Created to bring the public and private sector together within specific industries to fulfill Mukatafa’s grander vision.

Mo’an focusing on the transformation of the grocery industry, Qoot on transformation of the Saudi restaurant and cafe association and ZY the fashion, jewelry and beauty association.

Skyne created and worked on the strategy and identities for each of these individual associations, aiming to reflect their respective industries seamlessly.

Together these associations form stable pillars for the Mukatafa association and allow it to build the right environment and supportive ecosystem to ensure public and private collaboration in Saudi.

How we helped Mukatafa gain focus and purpose to reach their key demographic with a cohesive and understandable message.

Research & Analysis

Market scan
Target audience research
Stakeholder research
Customer journey mapping
Brand opportunities

Strategy & Story

Brand strategy
Brand positioning
Brand story
Central message
Guiding principle

Concept & Design

Brand identity design
Brand collateral design
Communication tools design
Website design
Brand guidelines

Implementation & Activation

Project management
Collateral production
Website development

“Skyne kept us on our toes, they are quick, so we had to become quick as well and most important is the quality of the deliverables it was beyond our expectations. We see Skyne as a real business partner.”

– Waleed al Saud
CEO, Mukatafa

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