A brand new store for JustKidding® in The Galleria – Abu Dhabi

Nov 19, 2019 | Announcements, Branding, Design, Project News, Retail

JustKidding® is the multi-award-winning and one-stop-shop for modern parents, putting parenthood first by offering everything that parents need in a vibrant and educational environment. JustKidding® knows that parents are at the heart of its business. Being a parent is an ongoing journey, with no map. JustKidding® helps you to navigate, as experts, as a community, and as parents.

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JustKidding® challenged Skyne to come up with the interior design for the new store in Abu Dhabi, which is much more significant (800M2) if you compare it with the existing stores. We translated the overall created store concept and brand identity to the new space in The Galleria in Abu Dhabi. Skyne created a unique spatial experience that will reach out to the broadest of audiences and will be more than worth a visit.

Long-standing partnership

Skyne and JustKidding® have a long-term collaboration, starting with the brand strategy and brand design of the JustKidding® retail experience concept in 2008, to the development of the JustEssentials brand in 2012 and the customer journey and interior design of the most recently opened store in Abu Dhabi.

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Retail nowadays

As e-commerce is taking a more significant percentage of retail purchase activity, consumer expectations around the experience of going out to shop have changed. Retail developers need to respond to these changing expectations by creating unique experiences as an integral part of their retail development and environment, including the customer journey, design, and service to drive footfall.

We decided to develop a retail concept that makes a strong and bold statement. Dennis de Rond explains: “The idea was to enlarge the most important and obvious features of strollers, which are mobility, flexibility, and fun. In a stroller shop, you expect to get demonstrations, and you will be able to check out some colors and materials. But we also focused on a more important customer need; to test the stroller to the max! We came up with an icon that connects with this way of thinking:
 (st)roller coaster!”

”The Skyne team is professional and creative. They know how to translate our thoughts into practical, creative solutions. It is a pleasure working with them.”

– Annemarie Boenk-Retera – Founder and general manager, Just Kidding UAE

So the next time you’re looking for all those baby and toddler essentials, head along and enjoy shopping at the newest Just Kidding location!


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