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We make your unknown growth opportunities known by analysing your challenge, researching your company, market, industry and the latest trends & developments.

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Retail Safari

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for our clients’ brands


Disrupting the automotive industry in Saudi Arabia


Transforming Jomara to stand out and increase market share


Rebranding a prestigious global law firm


Adapting Amsterdam based Rituals cosmetics to the rituals of the Middle East

GE Healthcare

Redefining education solutions to increase the number of clients

Abu Dhabi Ports

A comprehensive brand make-over including a state-of-the-art visitor center


Acclimating the international Dutch payment platform to the Middle East

Arch Capital

Conceptualising the only independent multi-family office & wealth manager in the KSA


Rebranding a sustainable UAE honey brand to go global


Adaptation of famous Dutch brand HEMA to the UAE market

Dibba Bay

Diving deep into an oyster brand from the Middle East that’s made for the world

Keller Sales Kit

A unique and inspiring sales tool for Keller Kitchens

Brand & market research

To grow your brand successfully, it is essential to understand your organisation, your brand and your market. Our strategic branding approach always starts with thorough brand & market research analysis to understand the trends & developments in your industry and market. What is changing in your landscape and where do we see opportunities?

We will benchmark your competitors in terms of their branding, marketing & communication and brand positioning to make sure you will stand-out from them. Next to that, we gather various best practices and inspiring examples from different industries to reveal new growth opportunities for your business.

Our brand & market research will provide key insights to define new growth opportunities for your brand. These insights will also guide how we can set you apart in your market, and how you should position your brand.

It is our mission to help you grow, strengthen your brand and market position and discover new opportunities. For that reason, brand & market research is a core part of our business, to ensure we can make a strong emotional connection with your target audience.

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