A unique sales tool for Keller Kitchens

Dec 20, 2017 | Announcements, Branding, Design, Packaging

Keller Kitchens was in need of a unique, inspiring sales tool that informs & triggers their clients and influences the sales process. They approached Skyne to develop and produce an attractive sales kit which underlines the ‘Designed to live’ strategy, that can be used in sales presentations and be given to potential clients.

After gaining a full understanding of the purpose of the tool, the sales process in the kitchens market and the needs of Keller’s audiences, we developed three creative concepts for the sales kit. Concept 1, which we called ‘Harmonica’ was eventually chosen to be further developed.


Our design director Patrick Kos explains the reasoning behind the chosen concept: “This concept creates a harmonica effect brochure by connecting several slim boxes to each other that serve as sleeves for material samples. Each box, containing a sample, has a cut-out window so the sample can be seen, touched and felt. Each box also contains 1 step in the Kitchen manufacturing process, from ordering, to production, to delivery. This is shown by combining text and illustrative infographics. It’s like opening a map with the perfect route all laid out in front of you.”

Long-term collaboration

This is not the first time we collaborated with Keller Kitchens. Over the past two years we have been responsible for their strategy and positioning, showroom concept, website & other communication tools and sales materials. Furthermore, Skyne and Keller joined forces with two other Dutch design brands to develop the first Dutch Design Center outside of the Netherlands.

Ron van den Berg, Managing Director at Bruynzeel Keukens & DKG International: “Skyne is a partner who really understands our business and is continuously challenging us to stay innovative and distinctive.”

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