Creating an international modest fashion brand

Nov 6, 2019 | Announcements, Branding, Design, Project News

Over the past months, Skyne collaborated with Sunaina Kuldipsingh, a Dutch fashion designer from Rotterdam and founder of Boutallion. Boutallion is a luxury fashion house that introduces a new era of modest fashion by combining Western expertise in craftsmanship with the timeless elegance and traditions of the Middle-East. Boutallion believes in creating exceptional works of fashion by hand-picking the finest fabrics and exotic leathers to create their couture. At their atelier in Italy, a team of skilled craftsmen assembles the unusual and authentic to design couture that echoes inner passions, perfected to the last detail.

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Our partnership

After our brand analysis, it was clear that Boutallion required focus and clarity for the DNA and brand positioning. How to be relevant to the right target audience and connect with them on an emotional level?

We executed:

The concept of the brand identity links to the grandeur of the ancient Roman architecture, its rich decoration, attention to detail, the monumental scale, and many arches and columns. Visually supported by a significant Romanesque typographic approach, we’ve created a premium and sophisticated environment where storytelling plays an essential role in conveying the Boutallion story.

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We executed this project in close collaboration with Sunaina. Multiple co-creation sessions and workshops served as the foundation for a strategic shift. Boutallion steered towards a more centralized organization with a clear singular mission, vision, purpose and brand identity that is strong and allows them to communicate with focus and clarity to the market and their target audiences.

Our partnership will continue. With much enthusiasm, we will work closely together to make sure Boutallion stays ahead of the game.


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