Enjoy a world of artistic wonder at Sharjah Art Museum

Jan 10, 2019 | Announcements, Branding, Culture & heritage, Design, Destination, Project News

Being proud of our partnership with Sharjah Museums Authority we are happy to share a new project that we recently worked on: a campaign for Sharjah Art Museum that elaborates on the artistic (art) wonders of the world.

The unique museum offers art lovers and visitors the opportunity to admire the splendour of a variety of collections and temporary exhibitions hosted by the museum.

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The road towards a new campaign

Skyne was approached to create a strong campaign that clearly expresses what the museum stands for and that reflects the message the museum wants to bring across. We analyzed the international market related to art museums and identified key differentiators and creative opportunities. Our team came up with three different concepts focusing on the wide collection of the museum. Sharjah Art Museum chose a concept which is bold & colourful and has a strong focus on the word ‘Art’.

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This is Art

The chosen concept is very straightforward: we used the word ‘Art’ as a guiding principle and came up with a creative way of revealing the artefacts. The tagline ‘Enjoy a world of artistic wonder’ emphasises that this museum is the place to be when you are in for wonderful art.

This bold campaign is currently colouring the streets of the UAE. Targeting a younger audience it aims to create more awareness for the versatile collection of the Sharjah Art Museum, which is definitely worth your visit!

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