Quantum Esco: Rebranding the leading private ESCO in Saudi Arabia

Quantum Esco is the leading private ESCO in Saudi ArabiaExperts in energy savings & renewable energy generation, that uniquely uses AI predictive software to ensure intelligent maintenance. Inferior circumstances are detected at an early stage and dealt with swiftly. Quantum Esco is proud to have a reliable track record; always delivering on their promise to deliver on time and realise energy savings. 

Quantum Esco help their customers to reduce their energy, maintenance costs and CO2 emissions with operational ‘turnkey’ energy efficiency measures targeted at lighting systems. They make use of established methodologies and apply innovative Internet-related technologies so that their customers’ economic development makes conscious use of our planet’s natural resources.


Strategy insights

Quantum Esco approached Skyne to help them become the largest private ESCO in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our work commenced with a stakeholder workshop and thorough market research which enabled us to gain distinct insights into the trends and opportunities that exist in the competitive world of ESCOs. We navigated through the best practices around the world not just in the local industry but adjacent industries to assess different approaches to similar challenges.

Quantum Esco needed details on the elements of a successful brand for Quantum, to become a strong contender in the eyes of the Saudi target audience.

To this end, Skyne created a brand positioning consisting of a brand archetype, values ​​& personality, brand promise, brand voice, tagline and brand story that would shape the leading private ESCO in Saudi Arabia making them the preferred choice in energy-saving and sustainable energy generation.


Creative concept

Light is versatile and comes in many forms. It can be reflected, refracted, and manipulated in many ways. Our visual expression celebrates intelligent lighting. Quantum Esco uses its tech to connect to the network and collect energy consumption analysing each element to create accurate live data.


Building on the Quantum Esco Identifier we have created the ‘bulb’ graphic device to create a smart secondary visual language inspired by a network of intelligent bulbs projecting light. Each bulb is alive and can think.

The Graphic device we have named ‘The Bulb ’ is born from the Quantum Esco Icon.


There are a number of ways we can express the visual identity of the Quantum brand - this is conveyed through crops of the bulb projection which can create balanced layouts that can lay the foundation to create a diverse toolbox of distinctive layouts.

The bulb device projects a gradient of colour representing monitoring, mapping, and illumination contributing to the conservation of the environment. Each smart bulb works individually as part of a bigger network.

An icon style has been created to support areas of the business and products / services. The icons incorporate the Quantum Esco primary colours and uses the Bulb to express our ‘Luminaire Intelligence’ concept.


Visualising the concept through different materials shows the brand assets are used to bring the Quantum Esco brand to life.

In order to give the user a realistic view of the brand, the applications are presented in the order of the key touch points that exist along the customer journey.


Skyne also provided an audio-visual representation. Take a glance at the video below to experience what Quantum ESCO truly stands for.