Jomara’s new packaging that stands out on the shelves!

Mar 3, 2020 | Announcements, Branding, Design, Packaging, Positioning, Project spotlight, Retail, Sustainability

Al Ghat in Saudi Arabia is home to the vast Jomara Date groves, which use modern farming techniques to produce the finest date fruits. Jomara grows and produces over twenty varieties of dates including the famed Kholas, Sokari, Madjool and the Khidri, which is popular and widely preferred by consumers. Jomara is a Bateel owned brand.

Over the past few months, Skyne collaborated with Jomara to create a unique brand story, brand positioning and distinctive packaging that stands out in a crowded market and appeals to new and existing customers. The existing palm illustrations of the old Jomara packaging are widely used by competitors and feel a bit outdated and ordinary. The visual language was lacking distinctiveness and needed more modernization and connection to the consumer in 2020.

jomara pos marketing

The goal was to strengthen the Jomara image and raise awareness of the health benefits of dates in all international markets by launching new packaging that not only ensures the highest quality of the product but also appeals to new audiences. Packaging that stands out from the shelve and communicates premium, organic dates. Showing more character of the brand and embracing the needs of the market.

Skyne took a closer look at the very diverse target audiences and decided to change the graphical language, include a vibrant and fresh new colour (orange) and selected material that is linked to a more sustainable look and feel. The new packaging is inspired by the Arabic heritage and Arabic traditions, focussing on; healthy delight, gourmet tradition.

The brand is launched in February 2020 and will be available in retail stores and duty-free airports around the world.

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