Skyne Jeddah: Celebrating one year of creative excellence

Apr 18, 2024 | Announcements, Blog, Branding Insights

Today, as Skyne celebrates its one-year anniversary in Jeddah, it marks a significant milestone in its global expansion.

Siegrid Althuizen, CEO of the Middle East’s leading Strategic Branding Agency, brings her adept leadership to new territories. With over two decades of entrepreneurial experience in Europe and one decade of impactful leadership in the Middle East and Africa, she’s mastered international sales and marketing. Establishing Skyne as a strategic branding and design pioneer, Siegrid is renowned for her visionary approach. Today, as Skyne celebrates its one-year anniversary in Jeddah, it marks a significant milestone in its global expansion. Serving diverse multinational clients like Nike, Rainbow Milk, Yaqeen Capital, Basamh Group, Sunbulah Group and Jotun, Skyne continues to redefine branding excellence in the region and beyond. 

“As I reflect on Skyne’s first anniversary in Jeddah, I can’t help but marvel at our journey and the milestones we’ve achieved. This milestone isn’t just about the passage of time; it’s a testament to our commitment to excellence, innovation, and the enduring partnerships we’ve forged within the Kingdom,” Siegrid starts.

“On this exciting path, our clients have already varied from rebranding Saudi Arabia’s largest honey brand, Al Shifa, to developing an entire destination from scratch with one of the largest real estate legacies, Al Ghazzawi, and repositioning the Saudi hospital Care Medical.

My personal journey as a Dutch entrepreneur, having lived in the Middle East for many years, has instilled in me the spirit of adventure and the willingness to take risks in pursuit of growth and innovation. This adventurous mindset propelled me to expand Skyne’s presence to Jeddah, and I enthusiastically and optimistically embrace the challenges and opportunities of doing business in the Kingdom.

Founding Skyne in the Netherlands many years ago was just the beginning of our story. With a vision to redefine branding and design, we expanded our horizons to the Middle East and now to Jeddah, with Riyadh still as an essential part of our network through our valued partnership with Mukatafa under CEO H.H. Prince Waleed bin Nasser Al-Saud. This strategic collaboration has allowed us to serve our clients seamlessly across the Kingdom, leveraging our collective expertise and creativity to deliver outstanding results.

Upon setting foot in Jeddah, I prepared for the unknown. Yet, I was greeted warmly by the locals, who welcomed me with familiarity, citing a long history of collaboration with the Dutch. I recall my first visit to Jeddah almost five years ago, when I was invited by a native team member and her family. They guided me through “Old Jeddah,” amid bustling souks where the Dutch Consulate stood, established for over a century. The town’s people, known for their vibrant culture, have thrived on trade for generations, embodying a maritime lifestyle.

Yasmeen Sabban is a vital part of our creative team as a Graphic Designer and a proud Jeddah local. She believes in supporting businesses exploring the vibrant city, and so do we. We’ve found that the local brands we collaborate with truly value the insights and expertise of team members like Yasmeen, who know Jeddah inside out as a native.

We’ve learned that in business, it’s not just about following local customs. Sure, they matter, but what really counts is our dedication to doing great work, being honest, and making sure our customers are happy. These values are what guide us as we navigate the ins and outs of the local market.

At Skyne, we exist to help businesses realise their full potential, push boundaries, and defy expectations. We unleash enterprises’ inherent capabilities, redefine norms, and set new standards, all aimed at one goal: growth. And our expansion into Jeddah is a testament to that ethos.

As the world turns its gaze towards Saudi Arabia, I’m reminded of the incredible potential that lies within. With the right approach, localisation isn’t merely a strategy—it’s a catalyst for innovation, progress, and mutual understanding.

Fortunately, our decades of experience in localising and growing businesses have proven invaluable. 

Here’s to Skyne Jeddah and the countless possibilities that lie ahead. Together, we will continue to soar to new heights and shape the future of creative excellence in Saudi Arabia and beyond.”

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