Ali and Sara – Meet the Dutch interns

Skyne welcomes their new interns from the Netherlands! Meet Ali Sina Jafari And Sara Al-Sarayfi. Read their unique stories; Both connected with the Netherlands but in different ways. 


“Once upon a time, I was just a boy with the name ‘Ali’ which means ‘Great and a Champion’, I knew what it meant but I never really appreciated it. I blink my eyes and the world goes by. That is what I have experienced since the day I was born. But, I don’t want to miss the moments anymore, I want to appreciate every second. I want to learn new things in each one of those seconds. It is as if my hobby is to find new hobbies. 

Spending half of my life in Afghanistan, traveling to multiple countries, holding my parents’ hands and at last living in the Netherlands since 2016, has taught me countless lessons and how to take big steps in life. 

Now, working at Skyne as an intern in Dubai has been more like a giant leap than a big step. My dad has always told me that it does not matter what I choose to do as long as I become the best in it. Now that I am becoming a man for myself, I will take this chance and opportunity to evolve into someone better than I once was. I will become ‘The Greatest’ and I will become ‘The Champion’ I was meant to be.” 

– Ali Sina Jafari


“I was born and raised in the Netherlands in a small village by Iraqi parents. Among my Dutch friends I learned independence, individual values ​​and above all, equality. But at home, I learned hospitality, warm companionship and gratitude. My Arab father always taught me that every culture has its positive and negative sides and that the art is to integrate the positives from as many cultures as possible.  

Last week I saw this example come to life when I overheard an elderly Korean traveling woman start a conversation with an Indian female manager in the Dubai metro. She said Dubai is the most international city she has ever seen in her life. I then connected the dots. I am trying to live up to this life lesson that my father has always taught me. I find excitement in new adventures and connecting with new people from all over the world. Learn about the hidden treasures from around the world that different people can share with you.  

20 years later after my Iraqi parents came to the Netherlands, I go to the liveliest Arab city in the world, just like my parents used to. But now instead of Baghdad it’s Dubai, which is actually inspired by some of Iraq’s wonders!  Being an intern at Skyne has given me what I’ve always wanted; adventure, good people, and a house that stands for diversity. 

From eating our Dutch ‘stroopwafels’ every day to eating dates with my chai, I cannot wait for what is next!”

– Sara Al-Sarayfi 


“We are very happy with our new reinforcement in the team and wish them every success on this educational journey!”  

Lubna Farooqui (Brand Strategist at Skyne)