Georgetown University’s Dubai launch with branding agency Skyne

Sep 21, 2023 | Announcements, Blog, Branding, Events, Leadership, Positioning

Announcing Georgetown University's strategic partnership with leading branding agency Skyne.

Our esteemed partner, Georgetown University, one of the most renowned institutions in the United States with over two centuries of educational excellence, is setting a new standard for higher education in the Middle East with the launch of its prestigious Executive MBA program in Dubai. 

This transformational initiative was made possible through a strategic partnership with Skyne.

The Georgetown team approached branding and design agency Skyne to understand the local market and adapt their Georgetown University’s legacy brand to Dubai.

“Georgetown University is one of the oldest and most prestigious in America, occupying a unique position among the world’s great institutions. It continues to produce outstanding individuals, in the fields of government, economics, finance and social justice. Kings, Presidents, Rulers and Hollywood stars are all former graduates.” noted Paul Docherty, Creative Director at Skyne. 

“Our role was to seamlessly introduce such an institution to the Middle East region, based from its new home in Dubai.”

With its 200+ year history, Georgetown’s brand now reflects permanency and endurance, standing out amidst the transient landscape of other business schools in the region. The concept behind this transformation was inspired by Georgetown University’s commitment to leading in any industry, anywhere, combined with the UAE’s ethos of making things happen.

Read more about this remarkable case study here. 

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