Skyne3 speaks at The Saudi Food Show 2023

Jun 8, 2023 | Announcements, Blog, Events, Leadership, NFTs

Meet us at The Saudi Food Show 2023!

Roel Vos will be speaking about our Food Quality Management Solution on the Blockchain. Utilising Biometrics and Blockchain. Thursday June 22 at 06:40pm (Agrifood tech under the microscope). 

We go the extra mile by combining technology with strategy & design. With Web3 technology we address some of the key challenges that the food industry is facing. 

Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, aspires to enhance quality of life and safeguard future generations. A fundamental part to realise this is the development of a digital infrastructure and implementation of food strategies.

By utilising blockchain and biometrics, we can create more secure, transparent, and efficient supply chains while ensuring the safety and quality of your food.

Is your brand future-ready? Together we can make your brand take on an exciting journey towards a vibrant and sustainable future! 

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