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Jan 13, 2022 | Branding, Branding Insights, Conceptual thinking, Design, Innovation, Packaging, Retail, Style

On the occasion of the United Arab Emirates’ 50th national day, OneHive reached out to Skyne to design an outstanding high end gift pack for their honey. OneHive is a local honey brand originated in the mountains of Hatta, under the stewardship of His Highness Sheikh Salem bin Sultan Al Qasimi. The brand welcomes local communities to reconnect with the natural world of honeybees in the UAE and the MENA region by discovering and experiencing their naturally magical universe.

Our approach was to tell a combined story with the design of the packaging, that of OneHive, and that of the land and its people. To achieve that, we combined different sources of inspirations and applied them to different parts of the packaging. 


The label

For the label, the theme we chose was the Layered Landscape. It refers to the Hatta mountain range and the origin of OneHive honey, but it is foremost a symbol of the rich heritage and history of the place where people of the UAE (and the honeybees) live. This idea was extended to the production technique, where different types of paper were layered to not only help communicate the layered landscape but also to increase depth and sophistication. 

The colors

OneHive usually comes in bright and vibrant colors but for the occasion, in support of The Year of The 50th, the color palette is slightly desaturated in line with the understated and sophisticated brand identity. 

Screenshot 2022-01-13 at 16.29.14

The gift box

We decided to keep the external gift box minimal to build anticipation for what will be revealed when opening it and to further add to the overall sophisticated feel of the design. Here, the focus shifts to the user’s unboxing experience as the inner box folds open like a blossoming flower, which relates to the original source of honey.

Screenshot 2022-01-13 at 16.31.02 Screenshot 2022-01-13 at 16.31.35 Screenshot 2022-01-13 at 16.31.55

Once we validated the concept, we proceeded to 3D model and render the packaging to give OneHive stakeholders a flawless digital preview and experience of the packaging.

OneHive gif

Watch below as we unbox the end result. We can proudly say that we have successfully crafted an outstanding high end packaging experience while telling the combined story of OneHive, that of its land and its people.   

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