Introducing Skyne Academy

Oct 29, 2016 | Branding

At Skyne we are dedicated to keeping clients one step ahead in an ever-changing world. Our professionals are daily engaged in reinventing and creating impact for a variety of customers in various industries. We consider it our mission to move brands and businesses forward in order to meet tomorrow’s customer needs. Because we like to share our knowledge with you and provide you with proper tools that set you on a fresh and differentiated growth path, we have established the brand new Skyne Academy which offers pragmatic and insightful 3-hour workshops.

Skyne Brand Workshops in Dubai
Do you want to be remarkable; do you want to stay ahead of the game? Do you have the desire to outshine your competition? We offer you an opportunity to have a better understanding of branding, strategy and activation which you can put into practice immediately. Subscribe now for our inspiring, pragmatic workshops and develop your branding experience.

We invite you to roll up your sleeves, take the much needed time to reflect and self-discover, and tackle your strategic branding challenges with Skyne as your guide. Our workshops reflect our approach to branding: science-based, pragmatic and illustrated by many examples from our rich experience. Skyne’s expert team members facilitate, but we will also force you to make choices to make sure you have clear outlines in just one workshop.

In the first sequence we offer the following 3-hour workshops:

Brand Opportunities

Learn to use real insights for true brand opportunities. Free of rules and boundaries we help you think big, yet stay practical. Our approach allows information and ideas to be organized, decisions to be made, and situations to be improved.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016 Time:

Brand Strategy

Gain a meaningful understanding of who you are and what your brand stands for. Build your brand’s unique positioning in the market. Your brand strategy helps align internal and external perceptions about your brand and creates a framework to address critical issues among your business, your employees and your target market.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017 Time:

Brand Naming

We help you define a memorable and relevant name for your brand. The right name sets you apart from your competition and creates an emotional connection with your target audience. Your new name contributes to brand recognition and loyalty, reflects your brand and is your first opportunity to start telling your story. It is more than just a name. In a crowded market, that is invaluable.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017 Time:

Brand Activation

We pay special attention to how and where you are able to connect with your audience on an emotional level. “Relevance” is a keyword in this phase. Relevant, unique activation concepts and ideas provide a surprising and distinctive position in the market.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017 Time:
7-10pm The result
You will have clear and strategic outlines you’ll be excited and disciplined enough to actually implement right after the workshop. You will have the foundation and proper tools to build your brand over time, including actionable ideas to solve your most pressing branding challenges in short order. Who should participate?
Skyne Brand Workshop benefit all people who take their brand seriously and want to use practical tools to make their brand shine bright. From entrepreneurs to CEO’s, small businesses and startups. All we need you to bring is your brand challenge and a laptop.

To maximize the effectiveness of the workshops we accept not more than 10 participants per workshop on a first-come, first-served basis. This way, our professionals have enough time to pay attention to your specific challenge.

Location, facilities and investment
The workshops are held at D3, Dubai Design District, in our office. We are convinced your small investment of 300AED will be a smart investment! This amount includes course materials, light snacks and soft drinks and can only be fulfilled in cash at the start of the workshop. We require a 48-hrs cancellation notice, otherwise we will need to charge you the full amount.

Exclusive group bookings are available upon request.

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