Hatta Honey partnered with branding agency Skyne to launch new global brand

May 4, 2021 | Culture & heritage, Innovation, Leadership, Sustainability

We at Skyne are working closely together with His Highness Sheikh Salem Al Qassimi and his team to bring his vision to life and are almost ready to unveil a world-class, leading organization that masters innovative and responsible beekeeping. A brand that strives to reconnect people with the beautiful roots of nature and the honeybees.

Sheikh Salem is committed to the sustainability of the honey bee because of its impact on the environment, food security and economic growth. Together with a group of pioneers, he leads sustainability initiatives with the mission ‘Saving the Bees’. From a strong belief that we have a duty to the bees and if we don’t act now, our human existence could be endangered. He is committed to crossing bees to develop a resilient queen that can endure the harsh desert climate and achieve pollination rates critical to the country’s food security.

He also planted many thousands of local trees in a nature reserve, saving more than a billion bees. These trees survive in harsh conditions and have become a symbol of persistence and determination for the country.

“It all started from the passion for this small, very smart creature”

We visited Sheikh Salem’s amazing bee farm in Hatta and took a deep dive into the story behind the honey, the farm, and the passion. Watch Siegrid Althuizen and Sheikh Salem’s refreshing conversation below.

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