Increased sales and reduced costs with new packaging design

Lucas Bols is the world’s oldest distilled spirits brand and one of the oldest Dutch companies still active. The global leader in liqueur ranges wanted to grow its emerging markets business with a focus on Africa, where they were serving their customers with two separate brands that cover 7 different spirit categories. Lucas Bols decided to approach the market with only one brand, J.H. Henkes, because it already had a strong history and a big notoriety in the target countries. Therefore, the J.H. Henkes brand needed new and harmonized packaging, representing all spirits categories. One bottle shape across the whole range, to create coherence and minimize production cost. Skyne was asked to create this packaging and convey European know-how, history and quality through the bottle and labels designs.

Lucas Bols

To provide emerging markets with premium packaging at value price

Significant sales growth
Substantial cost efficiency

Awarded Bronze in the category ‘Best use of packaging’, Transform Awards MENA.

skyne wins mea awards

From 2 brands, 7 categories, 4 bottle shapes to 1 packaging solution

Because of J.H. Henkes’ long history and well-known brand image, we decided to go for an evolution of the bottle rather than a revolution. The challenge was to change the packaging design, giving it a modern outlook whilst respecting the brand’s core heritage. Ensuring premium packaging at value price.

Since Africans associate the J.H. Henkes brand with its icon, the stork, it was important for us to maintain, yet revamp this character. Other details were updated as well, capturing a sense of authenticity and discernment, whilst at the same time adopting an elegant and refreshing feel. The design of the labels perfectly captures the company’s rich history, quality and craftsmanship. By using a different glass colour and unique label, each product can be made distinct, and seamlessly fit within a uniform and recognizable brand range.

The former bottles

“The new packaging was extremely well received and sales reflect that by being up big time! This result is the best way to measure the added value of Skyne.”


– Guenael Fily, Commercial Director at Lucas Bols

Reducing production costs

We did not want to develop ‘just’ a beautiful bottle; together with the client we considered smart solutions to improve the production process. The glass needed for production could be reduced with 50%, while at the same time maintaining the required strength and stability on the production line. This led to stronger-than-expected savings on raw material and a more effective production process.


An extended scope

The renewed packaging was well-received by the client, resulting in a full redesign of the identity of J.H. Henkes, including brand guidelines. Additionally, the scope of the project was extended to the design of J.H. Henkes’ ready to drink packaged beverages (cans) and a targeted launch campaign for the African market. The cans are now distributed in Europe as well.


How we helped Lucas Bols create attractive packaging for J.H. Henkes


Research & Analysis

Brand assessment
Target audience research


Strategy & Story

Packaging consulting


Concept & Design

Brand identity design
Bottle design
Can design


Implementation & Activation

Project management

This project was awarded Bronze in the Transform Awards MENA category ‘Best use of packaging’


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