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A comprehensive brand make-over including a state-of-the-art visitor center

Abu Dhabi Terminals (ADT)

Creating distinctiveness and finding the connection with the target audience

A state-of-the-art visitor center, a customer-centric and dynamic website, engaging exhibition stands, a holistic safety program

A differentiated approach to
logistics communications

One of Skyne’s most long-standing partners, Abu Dhabi Terminals (ADT), operates and manages the region’s first semi-automated and most technologically advanced container terminal at Khalifa Port. This port in Abu Dhabi is named the second fastest growing port globally. Over the past years Skyne and ADT have been collaborating on many projects, from creating a visitor center to a websiteexhibition stands, campaigns and more. Our collaboration is always focused on creating distinctiveness and finding the connection with the target audience.


A state of the art port experience

ADT wanted to connect with its audiences and asked Skyne to look for new ways to tell the story of Khalifa Port Container Terminal. Therefore, we dived into the world of container terminals to find a unique proposition which is relevant to ADT’s target audiences. The solution? A visitor center that is being used to introduce clients, governments and Emirati students to Khalifa Port Container Terminal.

To ensure a consistent experience we created a principle which guides the design, the branding and the story of the visitor center: ‘Continuity and Transformation’. ‘Continuity’ lies in Abu Dhabi’s rich history of sea trade and the important position of ADT in the development of regional trade. ‘Transformation’ is the constant development of making sea trade more efficient by innovations. The principle is consistently translated in the iconic interior design, the kinetic graphical language and the cutting-edge interactives which provide (real-time) insights in the container terminal in an exciting and engaging way.

    Skyne is responsible for all the facets of the project from story lines, interior, graphic and interactive design to realization, communications and the launch event.


    An engaging, distinctive, and dynamic online experience

    Next to having the physical experience, the visitor center, ADT was looking for ways to enhance its online experience via a website.

    We gathered best practices and inspiring examples from both inside and outside the logistics industry. Identifying opportunities to make the website more engaging, distinctive, and dynamic, with reduced text, infographics, real-time information and the use of proper search engine keywords.

    To create coherence in ADT’s overall brand image, we translated the visual style of the visitor center to the design of the website. The graphical language used in the center is now part of the online experience as well. The bilingual website (English & Arabic) features integrated live data, such as container tracking and a real-time overview of vessels expected, arrived and departed.

    abu dhabi connecting the world
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    A physical experience to exhibit the communication

    As part of their Emiratization program, ADT took part in the Tawdheef exhibition to excite Emirati graduates to work for the container terminal. We created an eye-catching stand and engaging messaging to capture the imagination of young Emirati. A gamification of the processes at the container terminal was developed to let the target audience experience the port in an exciting way. ADT received an immense amount of CV’s of students during the Tawdheef, part of whom have been selected and are currently working at the container terminal.

    Furthermore, Skyne developed the stand design and communication tools for the TOC Container Supply Chain exhibition and conference. This is a yearly event and global meeting place for port and container terminal businesses. We created an innovative exhibition booth with efficient use of small space. The hero of the stand was the interactive application that portrayed the activities in the container terminal real-time. ADT was successful in achieving its main objectives of doing new business, networking and making a mark in the competitive field. The stand is modular and re-used several times for other exhibitions


    A campaign for safety

    In addition, Skyne developed a holistic program to communicate ADT’s safety rules and avoid any chance of accidents among employees and visitors of the container terminal. We created a campaign based on the big idea to visualize the consequence when safety rules are not obeyed. Impactful imagery was used that make clear instantly why it is important to be aware of the rules and stick to them. Signage was designed and developed to point out the risks of certain areas in the container terminal.

    How it works: a look at the captivating animation for the visitor center

    How we helped ADT connect with its audiences

    Research & Analysis

    Brand assessment
    Target audience research
    Market analysis
    Best practices
    Brand opportunities

    Strategy & Story

    Central message
    Brand story
    Exhibit script
    Guiding principle

    Concept & Design

    Brand experience design
    Graphic design
    Communication tools design
    Signage & Wayfinding
    Interactive design
    Website design
    Expo design

    Implementation & Activation

    Project management
    Visitor center fit-out and installation
    Website development
    Launch event

    “I am still very proud every time I showcase Khalifa Port Container Terminal using the tools and storyline in the visitor center.

    – Martijn van de Linde
    Former CEO Abu Dhabi Terminals/Advisory board Mubadala Infrastructure partners Limited Abu Dhabi

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