Al Rafisah Dam

The reintroduction of a popular local attraction

Sharjah Commerce and Tourism

To develop a strong and appealing destination brand for the Rafisah Dam location, capturing the existing assets the location provides in an attractive manner.

A new strategic direction and authentic positioning for the brand with a culturally rooted yet modern identity that encapsulates the raw elements of the location perfectly.

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Embracing rugged, natural beauty: Al Rafisah Dam

Al Rafisah Dam is an enchanting place of natural, rugged beauty, surrounded by the Hajjar mountains. It is close to the popular town of Khorfakkan on the Eastern coast of Sharjah. The leader of Sharjah shared his vision to develop the area, and to increase local and international visitors. With Al Rafisah Dam at its core, it is the focal point for explorers who enjoy authentic, natural experiences.

Al Rafisah Dam is teeming with rare wildlife, migratory birds, abundant greenery and leisure activities such as kayaking, hiking, archeology and discovering history. It’s a truly unique destination which taps into our desire to get close to nature in an unspoiled environment. This is a truly authentic destination which captures the essence of emotive discovery and adventure.


Leveraging the existing strengths
of the location

Following our partnership and briefing with Sharjah Tourism and Commerce, we started with a thorough research and insights phase. This provided relevant pointers to established and define the DNA of the brand.

Our team had the privilege of working on a project that truly embodied the spirit of adventure and exploration. One of the key advantages of Al Rafisah Dam was the fact that it was nestled amidst a vibrant ecosystem of wildlife and natural beauty, providing us with a canvas unlike any other. We recognized the inherent value of the location’s local flora and fauna, as well as the plethora of thrilling activities available, and sought to weave those elements seamlessly into the fabric of the brand’s identity. By marrying the essence of the Rafisah Dam’s surroundings with an adventurous spirit, we crafted a unique and compelling narrative that invites visitors to step into a world where there are – authentic discoveries all around.


Capturing authentic ruggedness

Our creative process set out to explore and develop a visual identity that would connect with our audience in a meaningful and personal way. The identity took inspiration from the rugged, natural rock of the Hajjar mountains, which roll down to meet the clear water at the lake edge. 

The logo essentially represents the ‘place’ – so that people recognize it immediately as Al Rafisah Dam. The colour palette also takes its cue from the surrounding habitat and our imagery tells the story of the destination and the experiences to be discovered there. All of this is done in a natural, authentic and emotive way. 


Launching the identity

The end result was a beautifully crafted identity which immediately connects to Al Rafisah Dam. The character and personality of the ‘place’ is felt through its distinctive graphic language. The destination was successfully launched with an event that was hosted by the Sharjah Government and unveiled at Rafisah, celebrating the dam and its history. 

How we helped Sharjah Tourism capture the authenticity of their destination to attract both tourists and locals alike

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Morouj Skyne Partner

“We were really deliberate with the process to capture Al Rafisah’s ruggedness. The identity had to feel authentic, textured and handmade, to capture the true essence of what it was like to experience Al Rafisah Dam”

– Paul Docherty, Creative Director Skyne

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