Dibba Bay

The Oyster brand from the Middle East that’s made for the world 

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Dibba Bay Oysters

The founder, Ramie Murray, wanted to transform his local brand into an international one.

A new identity and strategy that allows Dibba Bay Oysters to introduce itself to the global stage.

Winning oysters made for the world: Dibba Bay

Dibba Bay Oysters are an award winning oyster brand originated and harvested in the Middle East. Spearheaded by Ramie Murray, founder and owner of Dibba Bay Oysters, these unique sea creatures were cultivated in the region for their taste and their freshness. Giving us one of the only of its kind to be harvested locally.

One day, Ramie made a discovery that would be the catalyst for fresh oyster availability in the region. He was told about a ‘hot spot’ in the Gulf of Oman near Dibba, home to diverse marine life. He wondered if oysters could join the party, and grow here as well. It became apparent that this special location offers the perfect conditions for oysters to thrive all year-round; stable temperatures and an abundance of their favourite food makes them grow bigger, stronger and better than anywhere else.


Curating an international brand image

Skyne was then selected to transform this local brand into an international one. Competing with significant names in the Oyster industry, Dibba Bay needed a brand that could easily be understood by the target audience as being a gourmet, premium food item that would add luxury to their tables.

Our work commenced with a stakeholder workshop and a thorough market research which enabled us to gain distinct insights into the trends and opportunities that exist in the competitive world of oysters and oyster farming. We navigated through the best practices around the world not just in our industry but adjacent industries to assess different approaches to similar challenges.

Skyne proposed to create a brand identity a brand story and a succinct sales pitch that touches on the elements of a successful brand for Dibba Bay, becoming a strong contender in the eyes of international target audience.


The concept of the ‘seal of quality’

This concept is inspired by the well known seal of quality, commonly used to identify authenticity. The concept takes one step away from Dibbay Bay’s current logo situation building in  simplified, iconic and memorable style.

A variety of different colour combinations were researched and developed when revamping the Dibba Bay logo. The colour combinations developed were measured against the criteria of international appeal. Would a Teal and Gold combination strike the same semblance of premium-ness in the Russian market as the Chinese market?

Thus, a bold Gold and Black variation was utilised, as a universal symbol for luxury, opulence and grandeur. In order to instantly click with the target international audience.

Dibba Bay Oyster Box Label Design | Skyne


Educating through branding

In our research phase, consumer research showcased a lack of knowledge and clarity for people when choosing to buy the right Oysters. Dibba Bay wanted to make this process seamless for consumers and effectively help them understand the unique system in place when choosing desired Oysters.

We designed a pictogram system with a QR code that helps customers instantly recognise Oyster sizes. The system is paired with a QR code that allows customers to scan for more information, including Oyster shucking tutorials and tasting notes.

Specifically, for the purpose of reaching an international audience, the system needed to be simple and understandable, yet practical. Allowing people across countries to have instant access to the same information, making knowledge about Oysters accessible and efficient.

How we helped Dibba Bay Oysters go international and connect with global target audience

Research & Analysis

Market scan
Target audience research
Stakeholder research
Brand opportunities

Strategy & Story

Brand strategy
Brand positioning
Brand story
Central message
Guiding principle

Concept & Design

Brand identity design
Brand collateral design
Communication tools design
Brand guidelines

Implementation & Activation

Project management
Collateral production

Morouj Skyne Partner

“I enjoyed our collaboration with Skyne, they created a winning logo and brand elements that really took Dibba Bay to the next level, allowing us to evolve from a local UAE brand into a global brand.”

– Ramie Murray,
Founder of Dibba Bay

“It was a joy working with Ramie, it was important to us to instil his resilient entrepreneurial spirit into the brand, making it stand out.”

– Dennis de Rond
Founder of Skyne

skyne siegrid square

Dibba Bay in action: see the founder’s inspiring story like never before

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