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How often do people have great ideas that could be successful businesses? However, as we all know, the gap between having an idea and turning it into reality is huge. Too often ideas get lost and never see the light of day. It takes a combination of knowledge, skills and a lot of effort to bring ideas to life successfully.

For a business idea to have a chance at becoming successful, a need has to be identified that can be met. Any self-sufficient business offers a solution that solves a problem, relieves pain or offers more convenience. In short, it delivers value.

Go-Lokal.com, does just that. Go-Lokal, an initiative by Skyne, is an online platform that enables UAE residents and tourists to discover & support local companies. One evening, we had an idea. We were discussing opportunities to strengthen our local market by empowering people within the UAE to do business with companies and entrepreneurs that are based and operate from within the UAE. By connecting the local community we aspire to support the local economy, making its unique brands better known, and create awareness for authentic experiences. We envisioned creating value for local brands. Through our platform, we create more awareness for their existence. On the other side, we help consumers discover local brands.

Turning an idea into reality; from concept to thriving digital platform. To launch this concept, Skyne developed the brand strategy based on market research and created a brand identity and guidelines as well as website design.

A thriving startup that promotes close to 200 (and growing) local companies on a digital platform, helping residents and tourists alike to discover & support local businesses.

Awarded Bronze in the category ‘Best visual identity by a charity, NGO or not-for-profit.’
Transform Awards MENA.

Glocalization: a global trend to consume more local brands

To successfully launch a new brand, numerous components need to fit together to make it happen. From idea development to research, and from business strategy to branding and digital marketing. 

Skyne recognized glocalization as a growing trend. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware and interested in the origins of their purchases. They prefer contributing to local entrepreneurs, supporting their community and being part of a more sustainable supply chain. We understood the importance for residents and tourists to do business with local entrepreneurs and companies, as it fundamentally enables the domestic UAE market and local economy to grow stronger. Go-Lokal makes this possible by promoting all local brands on its platform.

To launch this concept successfully Skyne conducted market research to discover the most relevant and interesting trends & opportunities. After thorough research, a business strategy was developed as the first step to get Go-Lokal on the right track. This strategy included an exclusive business model that made the initiative commercially viable and sustainable.

Only upon completing the market research  and crafting the business strategy  did we continue with the developed of the brand. A powerful brand strategy was developed.

Getting the business ready to meet its audience

After establishing the unique characteristics and reasons for Go-Lokal to be the preferred platform to use, we created a visual style that communicates these qualities. What sets Go-Lokal apart was translated in every design we created. The brand identity, including all collaterals and guidelines, was further implemented in communication tools such as Go-Lokal’s social media content to instagram and website.

Bringing the business to life and connecting it to the target audience

After giving the business a distinct and recognizable identity, we built and launched a platform that appeals to the end-users. Within days, more and more local brands started joining us. Via a social media marketing campaign and a growing following on Instagram, we keep increasing Go-Lokal’s reach and brand awareness. Stay tuned. This is just the beginning. We aspire to become a growing and recognisable name, helping drive the local UAE community and economy forward.

Visit go-lokal.com and follow us at instagram to support your local community.

– His Highness Sheikh Salem bin Sultan Al Qasimi

One Hive

The process of design was initiated with the bee in mind. We wanted to keep the theme of the bee centre stage. Thus, the bee, its ecosystem, their pure produce, and its importance for life on earth, are the core focus of OneHive. In this visual property the bee is placed at the centre of its own livelihood, the flower, and while pollinating, making all other (plant) life possible too at the same time.

How we turned Go-Lokal into a thriving online platform in a couple of weeks

Research & Analysis

Market scan
Target audience research
Competitor analysis
Business assessment
Brand review
Business strategy

Strategy & Story

Brand strategy
Brand positioning
Brand story
Name development

Brand identity creation

Brand identity design
Collateral design
Communication tools design
Brand identity guidelines

Strategy & Story

Wire frames creation
Website design & build
User interface design
User experience design

Implementation & Activation

Marketing plan
Go to market strategy
Content creation

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