Rebranding a prestigious global law firm

Ince Gordon Dadds

The challenge was to showcase the real character of the organization and to make it stand out from the crowd, all within 6 weeks from start to finish.

Awarded Gold in the category ‘Best visual identity from the professional services sector’.
Awarded Silver in the category ‘Best corporate rebrand following a merger or acquisition’.
Awarded Bronze in the category ‘Best use of copy style or tone of voice’.
Awarded Highly Commended in the category ‘Best use of typography’.

Rebranding international
legal and business services firm: Ince

After the merger of Ince & Co and Gordon Dadds, Skyne was assigned to do their rebranding taking into account the legacy and DNA of both firms. The project included the firm’s brand strategy, brand positioning, naming and brand identity.

Ince, or Ince Gordon Dadds as it was formerly known after its merger of the two respective firms, is an international legal and business services firm with a heritage reaching back about 150 years. They are renowned for providing the highest quality legal advice and strategic guidance to their clients across Asia, Europe and the Middle East.


A new brand promise

Although the pre-merged entities had different names and brand identities, some of the characteristics of each brand appeared to be similar. Those similarities within the company culture and values were the building blocks for the new brand strategy.

Through research, workshops and co-creation we were able to develop a new brand promise; Ince – in any case. Clear decisions through strategic guidance and well-considered advice. It is the belief of Ince that people, excellent service and guidance on a global scale play a most important role. Ince promises to be your business partner and your guide with clarity, focus and diligence.


You, commitment and collaboration, & Ince, in any case

In line with the company’s character and brand strategy, Skyne developed a matching and refreshing brand identity that clearly makes the company stand out in the market. Ince values personal connections and partnerships. By portraying Ince as an intelligent, charismatic and outspoken character with a convincing but warm tone of voice, we symbolically visualise that human aspect within the firm. This is visually achieved with a typographic solution that is bold, clear and full of character. The brand identity, including collaterals and guidelines, was further implemented into various communication tools.


A more centralised organisation

Ince has implemented the new brand strategy and brand identity in all aspects of the organisation. This project has been executed in close cooperation with the client.
Multiple co-creation sessions and workshops served as the foundation for a strategic shift. Ince steered towards a more centralised organisation with a clear singular mission, vision and identity that is strong and allows the firm to focus.


Development of a new website for the international law firm

Consistency is critical for all communication touchpoints, especially if you build your window to the world. After approval of the concept design, we created the final design of the website, including an interactive map linked to location and expertise worldwide. We made sure that the development of the site is aligned with the latest technology, SEO friendly and fully responsive to mobile. All critical criteria to develop a great new website for Ince, with a relevant online visitor journey.

ince website skyne
ince website mockup laptop

How we helped Ince Gordon Dadds to become the business services partner of choice

Research & Analysis

Brand assessment
Market analysis
Target audience research

Strategy & Story

Brand strategy
Brand positioning
Brand story
Elevator pitch
Guiding principle

Concept & Design

Brand identity design
Brand collateral design
Communication & sales tools design
Signage & Wayfinding design
Website design

Implementation & Activation

Project management
Website development
Launch campaign

“Working together with Skyne on this important project was very refreshing. They are full of creativity but also really make every effort to understand the industry in which we operate. Their research skills are second-to-none which formed the perfect foundation to build a brand of which we are all very proud – in a relatively short period of time.”

– Ince

A mentality, visualised. With Ince we found something that was a key relevance to all law firms, putting clients first. With this we were able to build a creative guiding principle, “You, and Ince in any case” that stands timeless and memorable, implemented consistently through all of Ince’s communications.”

– Dennis de Rond, Founder

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