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Skyne partnered with Skyne on various projects. This includes the Jotashield range, the Fenomastic range, the Lady Design range and Jotun’s Formula 1 communication campaign. Each project’s challenges were approached strategically to create design ranges that last.

Iconic designs that have been unchanged for 10 years strong, creating a lasting impression on target audience across the region. 

The world leaders in paint: Jotun

Whether it was making exterior paint consumer friendly, creating an emotional bond with consumers, creating a strong communication link or creating a paint brand range for a specific target audience. Explore below how we helped Jotun through the years to achieve their branding goals and stay on top. 

Jotun Lady Design Binders | Skyne
Jotun | Packaging Design | Skyne


Jotashield: Jotuns exterior paint line

Jotun was one of the first brands to differentiate between exterior and interior paints, but despite this distinction, exterior paints have a very low impact on retail. Exterior paints are perceived as technical. 

Skyne wanted to change the perception of a product from being viewed as ‘protection’ to a more appealing item for the consumer.

The results were various packaging designs, ranging from industrial to more emotional and conceptual, educating and inviting the end consumer in an attractive way. Each design has its iconic features to connect emotionally, and a clear system to communicate benefits of the product.


From ‘Lady Effects’ to ‘Lady Design’ Jotun’s paint range for women

Skyne developed an elegant and attractive design, to connect with one particular segment of the audience: women. The new packaging told a story about the beautification of your home. The name ‘Lady Effects’ was changed into ‘Lady Design’.

The packaging for ‘Lady Design’ was upgraded to reflect a more premium outlook, making it stand out from the competition as well as within the Jotun products. After a successful launch Skyne developed 42 SKUs to strengthen the brand’s new visual identity. 


Introduced in 23 countries increasing sales in 3 months by 40%

Across the Middle east, the Jotun Lady Design revolutionised the product range, telling story and catering to a target demographic that focuses on the aspect of beautification. 


Jotun’s speedy and electric Abu Dhabi Formula 1 event

For the Formula 1 held in the U.A.E, Jotun organised an event for 200 of their VIP customers to attend the F1. The communication criteria was that this event should link Jotun to growth and speed. 

In order to captivate the attention of our invitees, we used the element of speed as a medium. Going to an F1 event is all about the thrill of speed and the loud sound of F1 cars cutting through the air.

We visualised this idea through light trails from an F1 car in yellow and blue (Jotun’s primary colours). The font used is similar to Ferrari logo to give an immediate association to the F1 event. The event proved to be a great success and had a recognizable event identity; before, during and after the event. 


Jotun’s most beautiful paint ever – Fenomastic

Fenomastic is Jotun MEIA’s biggest brand and the leading premium interior paint brand in the region. The previous products of Fenomastic were too focused on functional benefits. Launching new lines, Jotun’s ambition was to be the leader in the category by creating an emotional bond with the consumers.

Skyne’s research concluded showed that one of the main reasons for consumers to paint is to have “a beautiful home”. Additionally, consumers have the perception that a product with a matt finishing is more premium. By launching ‘Fenomastic My Home’, we focused on the beautiful end result and to be associated with ‘A beautiful home’ in the consumer’s mind.

Our core message being: “The most beautiful colour experience in your home”

How we helped Jotun create lasting impact for 10 years 

Research & Analysis

Market scan
Target audience research
Stakeholder research
Brand opportunities

Strategy & Story

Brand strategy
Brand positioning
Brand story
Central message
Guiding principle

Concept & Design

Brand identity design
Brand collateral design
Communication tools design
Brand guidelines

Implementation & Activation

Project management
Collateral production

Campaign development

Morouj Skyne Partner

We made sure that for clients we are not just creating good designs but great concepts. We are inherently concept thinkers. Each of Jotun’s design were easily translatable into campaigns and larger brand experiences”

– Dennis de Rond, Founder Skyne

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