Transforming Jomara, a Bateel company, to stand out and increase market share locally and globally

Jomara (Bateel)

Rebranding the Jomara brand in order to get a stronger positioning in the local and global market (grocery stores & duty free stores) and increase market share.

A new positioning for the Jomara brand, focussing on premium, organic and healthy dates. An attractive Jomara’s product line that stands out on the shelves and appeals to new and existing customers.

Awarded within the “Plastics in Packaging: Flexibles” category at the 2021 Packaging MEA Awards.

Transforming Jomara, a Bateel company, to stand out and increase market share locally and globally

As an ambitious FMCG forward thinking brand displayed in multiple retail channels, one of the most important elements is using packaging design that stands out on the shelves and appeals to the target audience.

Noticing, touching, feeling and reading the label on the packaging design are all part of the the customer journey. The moment your target audience walks down the aisle you need to make impact. Design is key to be noticed, including the hand power of the project; what kind of feeling is the consumer experiencing when they hold the product. This is the moment the decision is made to either purchase the product or place it back. Your products’ packaging design is of crucial importance to your success. 

Our ongoing partnership with premium date brand Jomara, a Bateel company, started in late 2018. We were asked to support them with the positioning and communication of the brand, including the development of their new packaging design. The packaging design had to be relevant for the local market but also attractive enough to work in international markets.

jomara dates on tree
jomara inspirations
jomara inspirations 2


Understanding both the target audience and market is key

The goal was to strengthen the Jomara image and raise awareness of the quality of the product, that the product is organic and of course the health benefits of dates (super food). Showing more character of the brand and embracing the needs of the market.

Skyne took a closer look at the very diverse target audiences and went on a retail safari to conduct field research; visiting multiple retail outlets to get a good understanding of the marketplace. Besides, desk research was used to further analyze the competitors and market. In collaboration with Jomara we created a clear and focussed brand positioning and brand story.

jomara dates on tree
jomara inspirations
jomara inspirations 2

“Your integrity and experience in packaging, marketing and research, impressed the whole team”

– Natalie Ann Ridgway
Director of Marketing Bateel


Creating packaging with an impact

We created a distinctive packaging design that stands out in a crowded market and appeals to new and existing customers. The palm illustrations of the old Jomara packaging are widely used by competitors and feel a bit outdated and ordinary. The visual language was lacking distinctiveness and needed more modernization and connection to the consumer in 2020.

Based on our findings we decided to change the graphical language, include a vibrant and fresh new colour (orange) and selected material that is linked to a more sustainable look and feel. The new positioning of the brand is focussing on; healthy delight, gourmet tradition. Based on the selected packaging design concept we created a design system that works for the different sorts of dates and products. So the target audience understands that all products belong to one overall Jomara family.

How we helped Jomara stand out in a crowded marketplace and attract new and existing customers.

Research & Analysis

Market scan
Target audience research
Competitor analysis
Brand review
Retail safari

Strategy & Story

Brand positioning
Brand story

Identity Creation

Concept development
Collateral design
Communication tools design
Brand identity guidelines

Packaging Design

Target audience research
Retail research (shelf-impact & hand-impact)
Shape design
Label design
Concept design & Mock-ups
Packaging design grids
Final design & Artworks
POS materials


Extending the product range

After successfully launching the new Date Pouch in the UAE market, Bateel’s Jomara, launched a new packaging design for their Date Syrup (Dhibs). They released 3 new flavours; Vanilla, Passion Fruit, and Cardamom.

organic date syrup skyne
date syrup skyne
cardamom date syrup jomara

Apart from local Emiratis and Arabs, not many know of Dhibs or how it is used. This presented a challenge for Jomara Date Syrup. Dhibs is the Arabic word for date syrup. It has a unique sweet taste that is perfect for drizzling on pancakes, salads, and adding to smoothies. 

Many Emiratis use it as a substitute for honey in their daily lives. It can also be used as an alternative to sugar in teas. The product range was extended further by the packaging for individual dates. There are milk and dark chocolate dates, Orange, Pecan, Khidri, Almond and Kholas.

jomara dates in shop

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