The evolution of a celebrated commodity brand

Morouj Commodities

The people of Sudan were intimately familiar with Morouj’s products throughout the years. The challenge was to evolve the parent brand so that it becomes accepted and welcomed by the people with the same familiarity they have for its products. With a progressive brand strategybrand story, brand identity and campaign.

A new identity and strategy that sets the stage for the future of commodities in Sudan. A people-centred and modern brand that captures the essence of what it means to belong to the region.

Best brand evolution (consumer), Best brand evolution (corporate), Best visual identity from the food and beverage sector, Best visual identity from the FMCG sector, Best internal communications during a brand development project.

Today’s stability, tomorrow’s progress: Morouj

Morouj’s products are one of the most celebrated commodities in the region of Sudan and its surrounding areas. People have relied on the products of Morouj for years for their daily sustenance. This was through introducing exceptional quality products that are now in every Sudanese home.


Bridging the gap between Morouj & its people

Our journey started first with deep insights from the people on the ground, the people at Morouj itself. We conducted several interviews with people from all departments in order to understand the core principle of Morouj. It is important to know what people think of your company but it might just be as important to know what your employees think your company stands for. With over 1800+ employees, Morouj’s message needed to be clear to everyone.

We then proceeded to conduct market research which enabled us to gain distinct insights into the trends and opportunities that exist in the international commodities world. 

Through this we discovered three major findings that defined our strategic outlook:

  • Morouj is built on reliance and trust. You can always count on Morouj products to be available for you. This drove one of the core values of Morouj.
  • As a brand, internally Morouj reflected a very personable nature. The employees were attached to the brand. This aspect needed to be reflected externally as well.
  • Sudanese culture and personality were highly prized and appreciated aspects of society. This component needed to be an intrinsic part of the brand for the people to accept it.


Reflecting life-giving, plentiful growth

After it was established that we needed to refresh the brand. Keeping the parts of Morouj that were still resonating with the target audience, we still needed to refresh the brand’s logo in a way that seemed newer, fresher, and gave a more corporate feel.

An evolution from the original Morouj logo transpired, the new logo features the richness of the land, sky, and sun. Elements that reflect life-giving properties and a positive image of plentiful growth and nutrition.


Campaign: made by local people, for local people

The Morouj brand is seen as young and growing. A people-centric business run by respectful, responsible, local people. Morouj wants to create a better life for its people and customers. Reflect happiness, prosperity, stability, and optimism. The target audience is mainly ‘families’ of all ages.

The main takeaway insights are to look at an emotive style of corporate launch campaign which communicates 1 or 2 messages, making it easy to understand. The ‘people’ aspect of the brand is very strong. ‘Made by local people, for local people.’ Also, with the launch of the new brand identity, we are signalling growth and ambition, but we are also assured and stable.

Everything Morouj does is for the betterment of people’s lives. The quality of their products and their production process is extremely high and should instill trust and pride. The campaign should resonate with an internal and external audience.

Morouj in action: see its people celebrating the brand as it comes to life

How we helped Morouj create an intimate connection with their people

Research & Analysis

Market scan
Target audience research
Stakeholder research
Brand opportunities

Strategy & Story

Brand strategy
Brand naming
Brand positioning
Brand story
Central message
Guiding principle

Concept & Design

Brand identity design
Brand collateral design
Communication tools design
Brand guidelines

Implementation & Activation

Project management
Collateral production

Training workshops

Morouj Skyne Partner

“Skyne is a very professional agency, committed to timelines, understands the client and the objective they are seeking. They deliver a project with an utmost standard of creativity.

– Shahd Shakir Basta Shakir, Senior Marketing Manager

“Working with Morouj gave me insight into a market I previously thought inaccessible. The passion and pro-activeness of the Morouj family was exciting to be part of. Invaluable on the ground insight gave us the right ingredients to create something truly special. 

– Lubna Farooqui, Creative Brand Strategist

skyne siegrid square
Morouj Skyne Partner

We were inspired by the energy, passion and genuine affection Morouj have for what they do. This helped us to evolve a well loved brand into a significant presence in the Sudanese market and beyond. However, none of this would be possible without the care, drive and resilience of the Morouj family.

– Paul Docherty, Creative Director

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