Making Pronk’s services distinctive and comprehensive

Pronk Multiservice

How can we clarify what Pronk Multiservice stands for, to its target audiences and employees, and distinguish the company from the competition in a positive and engaging way?

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Making Pronk’s services distinctive and comprehensive

Pronk Multiservice is a global service provider in packing, lashing, securing and lifting of cargo. The Dutch company has offices in Amsterdam, Dubai and several branches in India.

In a changing market, it is key to clarify who you are as a company, what you stand for and what your competitive advantage is; not only for yourself but especially to your target audience. Pronk Multiservice approached Skyne to assess the company and strengthen its position in the industry. A differentiating approach was needed to be truly distinctive in The Netherlands, The GCC and India. Also, it was essential for the management of Pronk to ensure that all employees, regardless of position or location in the world, tell a consistent story.


Research: the foundation for change

Relevant research is in our opinion the foundation for change. You need to make choices based on the right insights. That is why we started researching the market, audience needs and behaviours and the company itself. Through customer interviews and conversations with employees, we tested our findings. Best practices & inspiring examples from logistics and other industries completed our research. The most important question we asked ourselves was ‘How do you make Pronk’s services more customer-oriented, tangible and findable online?’

“It immediately felt more logical to remove the term ‘Multiservice’ from our company name.”

– Marcel Pronk


Translating the strategy into an identity

Pronk ensures hassle-free and safe protection of valuable goods in transit. Words such as safety, pro-activity, and efficiency were the starting point for our team to create the brand identity and messaging. It had to be clear at a glance what Pronk stands for, both in the logo and in concise ‘snackable’ content. Furthermore, the new identity needed to be more in line with the industry.

Skyne then translated the chosen brand identity into various means of communication, including a new website. Our team was responsible for the wireframesUI & UXdesign and build of the site.


Implementing the brand

Part of our success comes from helping our clients gain the knowledge and skills to effectively manage and implement their refreshed brand on their own.
Therefore, we conducted a workshop with Pronk’s employees 
to get everyone aligned, help them ‘live the brand’, and to use the new brand identity properly.

“Skyne’s strength lies in quickly mapping the opportunities for your company and translating these into a strategy for your brand. The team guides you along the way.”

– Marcel Pronk
Managing Director Pronk Dubai

“Working for Pronk was an adventure. The client was convinced he had no need for a creative branding agency. It was our task to explain the importance of what we do. Fast forward to now and Pronk is the biggest ambassador for Skyne. The owner understands the value we bring, with his brand now being proudly displayed everywhere.”

– Siegrid Althuizen

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