Launching a proven Dutch obesity treatment programme in the Middle East

Nederlandse Obesitas Kliniek (Dutch Obesity Clinic)

Launching the clinic in the Middle East and raising awareness among the target audience

A powerful new brand namestrategy, communication and positioning in line with the local audience’s needs & behaviours

Awarded Bronze in the category ‘Best naming strategy’ as well as Bronze in the category ‘Best visual identity from the healthcare and pharmaceuticals sector’ Transform Awards MENA.

Launching a proven Dutch obesity treatment programme in the Middle East

Founded in 1993, Nederlandse Obesitas Kliniek (the Dutch Obesity Clinic) is the largest and most specialized independent clinic in the Netherlands for the treatment of people with morbid obesity. The clinic was looking to expand into the Middle East, bringing its proven method in fighting obesity to the region; a much-needed addition to improve the health and wellbeing of the population in the UAE.

Skyne was requested to help launch the clinic and raise awareness on the complexity of obesity as a disease among the target audience and the importance of a thorough and multidisciplinary approach. Working together, we have developed a strategy and positioning for this region, determined a new name & appealing brand identity, and we created aligned communication tools and an engaging website. We are currently working on the signage & wayfinding for the several new clinics and we are in the process of developing a powerful launch campaign.


From The Netherlands to the Middle East

In the first step of the process Skyne thoroughly researched the Nederlandse Obesitas Kliniek brand and current situation. We started with the collection of key insights to help us make the right decisions to position the clinic in the local market. Our key challenge? How to develop a distinct brand for Nederlandse Obesitas Kliniek in the Middle East that will attract the right people, create economic value and firmly position the clinic in the local and regional health sector.


From clinic to center: dedicated to fighting morbid obesity together

At around 40%, the UAE’s obesity rate is double the world average, resulting in a significant increase in obesity-related healthcare costs. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix solution to treating obesity. Nederlandse Obesitas Kliniek is set apart by its high compliance, safe surgeries with low complication rates and an unparalleled, effective lifestyle change solution, all rolled into one comprehensive programme. The tailor made, long-term and personalized approach is what makes the clinic truly stand out from its Middle East competitors. Providing guidance and education every step of the way – from screening and pre-surgical to the bariatric surgery itself, right through to post-surgical life style change programmes. Therefore, we advised to exceed the word ‘clinic’ and position the company as an authority with a focus on high quality & personalized wellbeing. A friendly, trustworthy and approachable center of excellence dedicated to fighting morbid obesity together.


From Nederlandse Obesitas Kliniek to Quro

Based on our insights and strategy we jointly determined that the name ‘Nederlandse Obesitas Kliniek’ or its holding name ‘Obesity International’ didn’t convey the right message. We needed a new name that reflects the renewed positioning and brand strategy. The Skyne team researched the opportunities, set the naming criteria, came up with many naming options, and checked these on URL-availability, exclusivity and meaning in foreign languages. From the long-list of names, we determined the nominees and presented them with a tagline. The winning name? Quro obesity center, or in short Quro. It can refer to ‘cure’, ‘cure obesity’ and to ‘care’. The letter ‘Q’ is a modest reference to the highly qualified experts and gives the name an institutional feeling. Besides that the ‘Q’ is making Quro an unique and own-able word.


From a new name to an outstanding brand identity and communication tools

Taking on various angles with different styles, Skyne determined and presented several concepts for the brand identity. The chosen concept is abstract, yet friendly. The round shapes refer to the personalized care; the human touch. Next, Skyne translated the selected concept into colour, typography, imagery and graphics.

From there, we created collaterals such as business cards, stationery, presentation templates and more. We also designed and developed the brochures, the website and more. For Quro.com a 2-step approach was determined. The first phase was just implemented: supporting the launch of Quro in the Middle East, the website focuses on raising awareness and increasing knowledge of the new brand and its services. Phase 2: a more customer-centric version of the website is now under construction.

Furthermore, we are currently working on the signage & wayfinding for the clinics and a powerful launch campaign.

How we helped Nederlandse Obesitas Kliniek enter the Middle East

Research & Analysis

Brand assessment
Market analysis
Target audience research

Strategy & Story

Brand strategy
Brand positioning
Brand story
Elevator pitch
Guiding principle

Concept & Design

Brand identity design
Brand collateral design
Communication & sales tools design
Signage & Wayfinding design
Website design

Implementation & Activation

Project management
Website development
Launch campaign

“Quro changes the way the UAE is fighting morbid obesity. It is a proven method for a complex problem. Our partnership with SKYNE is essential for being successful in the region.”

– Kobus Dijkhorst, CEO Quro

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