Changing the grocery industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; Mo’an

Jun 7, 2020 | Announcements, Branding, Branding Insights, Design, Positioning, Project News, Retail, Strategy

Mo’an is the second officially approved association in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia bridging the gap between the private and public sector in Saudi Arabia, focussing on transforming the grocery industry. 

Mo’an brings together and unites the efforts of the private sector to achieve the grocery industry’s objectives and the goals of Saudi’s Vision 2030. Mo’an members will benefit from financial, structural and operational advantages and benefit of the transformation of grocery shops in the country. 

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Project scope

Mo’an required a brand strategy, brand story, messaging system, and brand identity to create clarity and focus and to clearly explain what the purpose is off the association for the different target audiences. Part of our first step was executing research; benchmarking equal or similar initiatives in other countries, analyzing the Saudi grocery culture and interviewing local entrepreneurs to understand their needs and desires, so Mo’an could use this for their positioning and communication. We discovered three main pillars for the development of the brand strategy

  • Build the right environment and supportive ecosystem to reimagine the future of groceries in Saudi Arabia. 
  • Empower the people who are shaping the grocery sector and further developing it to ensure a thriving Saudi Arabian socio-economic system.
  • Lead the many voices to a unified and integrated grocery ecosystem. 
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Creative Idea

Mo’an provides an opportunity to be part of an inspiring community of grocery companies, to stimulate change and innovation for a modern era. This interlinking community, the planned evolution that is taking place within the industry symbolizes a dynamic character, an element that is in constant motion. Their drive to move forward inclined us to take a modern approach, a dynamic visual direction to aspire change and innovation, and communicate the connection between people within the community and the technological advancements they are about to create together. 

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Together with the team of Mo’an, over multiple meetings and strategic sessions, we’ve successfully concluded the project with a new brand strategy, brand positioning, brand story and fresh brand identity, keeping Mo’an ahead- and on top of their game in the grocery industry. As we speak the Mo’an website platform is also used to inform Saudi consumers which supermarkets are close-by their house and which stores deliver to their home, essential information because of the lock-down situation in the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia. 

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