Making Pronk’s services distinctive & comprehensive

Feb 19, 2019 | Announcements, Branding, Design, Project News

Over the past few months, Skyne has been involved in the brand refreshment of Pronk Multiservice. The global service provider in packing, lashing, securing and lifting of cargo approached us to assess the company and strengthen its position in the industry.

Based on relevant research our team developed a differentiating approach to ensure Pronk sets itself apart from its competitors in The Netherlands, The GCC and India. Aside from the strategy, a consistent brand story was essential to ensure that all employees, regardless of position or location in the world share the same message. We furthermore created a new brand identity and collaterals, including a fresh new website.

The renewed strategy, identity and story have given Pronk an excellent opportunity to strengthen and reaffirm Pronk’s DNA and values, both internally with their employees and externally with their customers.

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