Mihan: a virtual job fair to bring Saudis into the workforce.

Dec 9, 2020 | Announcements, Branding, Branding Insights, Design, Doing business in The Middle East, Positioning, Project News, Strategy

Mihan is an initiative created by our partner Mukatafa in conjunction with the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development for Saudization led by the private sector to create jobs, offer opportunities, and bring Saudis into the workforce.

Mihan virtual job fair is aiming to provide 10,000+ job opportunities across retails and food and beverages sectors in the next three months. The beauty of Mihan lies in its instant hiring feature as all jobs are entry-level and the fact that it’s a virtual event, so thousands of people will be able to attend from the comfort of their homes.

Mukatafa has approached Skyne to design an inspiring and strong brand identity for Mihan with a tight timeline. The goal is to create a compelling brand identity that showcases the various industries that Mukatafa represents to attract job seekers from across the kingdom.

Creative process:

The design of the brand identity focused on the logo, typography, graphic elements, as well as the colour palette. The Mihan concept is developed around one central idea of convergence and moving towards the same point to meet and join. The Mihan symbol is designed as a simplified outline of the map of the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia, where the job seekers connect to the job opportunities in the various sectors. Based on the selected brand identity, we created master campaign visuals that are adaptable to different sizes and uses for online and offline advertisements.

convergence mihan mihan connections mihan mockup mihan icons mihan grid

Virtual world platform and experience:

The widespread shift to remote work as a result of the COVID-19 infections still surging mandated the necessity of creating an interactive virtual world interface and experience to attract job seekers. Skyne collaborated with Add Plus and Ethos to create and develop this virtual platform. The design integrated interactive and artistic ideas from interactive balls room to interactive light shows, and kinetic lightning that is designed as part of the exhibition not only to add a playful element and grab the visitor’s attention but also to give the futuristic ambience to the platform.

mihan virtual shopping mihan virtual world

Website design and technical development

One of the vital activation elements to bring Mihan’s identity to life and link it with the users is the Mihan website. The user-friendly website is designed to inform and engage with the user and allow the user to navigate smoothly and access the information about the job fair dynamically, including an easy registration process.

For more information on Mihan, you can visit the website:  https://mihan-sa.com/

mihan website skyne testimonial waleed

“Mukatafa is honored to have partnered with you to bring Mihan’s job fair to life. The brand identity you created seamlessly paved the way for success in providing more than 10,000 jobs in tandem with the Saudization initiative. With more than a million nationals unemployed in Saudi Arabia, this job fair brought hope, stability, and grounding too many who lived without it this year. Together, we are creating a future where everyone wins.

Thank you for your partnership, leadership and for making a difference in this kingdom that we all love so much.”

Waleed al Saud – CEO, Mukatafa

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