Shaikha and Inez – A conversation from Europe to the Middle east

Feb 28, 2021 | Announcements, Branding, Branding Insights, Careers, Design, Doing business in The Middle East, Positioning, Project News, Strategy, Team

Sheikh Eisa Mohammad: Born in 2000, lives in Dubai, studying the Science of Marketing and Entrepreneurship at Zayed University. Loves video editing, production, and storytelling. Analytical, a quick learner and creative.

Inez de Rond: Born in 2000, lives in Bleiswijk, Holland, studying graphic & corporate design. Likes making graphic portraits, capturing images and kickboxing. Adventurous, creative and cheerful.


Shaikha: I want to learn everything as much as I can so that I have experience when I get my first full time job. Mostly, I’m interested in branding and brand identity and story. I’m also interested in brand strategy which thankfully I’ve already been doing.

Inez: Good luck, I hope you will find an interesting job in the future. I would like to keep in touch!

Shaikha: Good luck to you too! I really enjoyed the conversation and let me know when you’re in Dubai! We’ll grab coffee together. 

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