“ZY” may seem like distinct individual letters, but when pronounced as “zai” have a whole world of meaning in Arabic. In the Arabic language, ZY has connotations related  to “outfit” “costume” “fashion” and “style.”

This unique naming is perfectly fitting for ZY, as the fashion, jewelry and beauty association and the fourth initiative in Mukatafa’s portfolio. A fruit of Mukatafa’s everlasting efforts to unify the public and private sectors, promote business growth and support the passionate people in these industries.

In congruence with Saudi vision 2030 and under the patronage of HH Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, Mukatafa ZY Association is a collaboration between private and public sectors that empowers Saudi Arabia to  grow and build a prosperous and sustainable Economy. ZY aims to support Saudi luxury industry within the Fashion, Jewelry and Beauty sectors, to thrive as one. ZY is working to provide industry insights, education and advice for each business partner involved.

zy elegance

During the research, we highlighted three core areas of focus:

  • Enrich Human Capital to ensure a capable workforce and support talents.
  • Elevate structural capital to increase efficiency and ensure a sustainable framework.
  • Develop a robust interconnected ecosystem.

This vision fabricated ZY’s personality and defined all communication behaviour styles, which helped create the brand voice to inspire the target audience to join force and believe in ZY’s vision to elevate the Saudi fashion, jewelry and beauty industries.

zy background 2

The design process started with analyzing market trends and developments to establish the ZY identity creative concept. The brand identity resembles the guiding brand, built upon the three industries ZY represents: fashion, jewelry and beauty. 

Our typographic inspiration came from the serifs on traditional latin letterforms. As we only have two letters ‘ZY’ we crafted the shapes of the serfs to look like three directional triangles. This allowed us to symbolize the coming together of these luxury sectors to form the ZY Association.

The identity visualises the flexibility and accessibility of the thriving organisation and its leading role to foster Saudi elegance. This vision’s translation came to life with a young, dynamic, trendy and modern brand identity with active yet elegant patterns, typography, and colour palette.

zy cards zy trends

The imagery style is defined to showcase the talents’ work and have a powerful look and feel. Besides that, the elegant design was applied into the different format of collaterals to ensure consistency and reflected in the website’s design that positions ZY as a leading platform in the community to bring global expertise and local experience together.

Hand-in-hand to craft and design the sustainable future, this successful collaboration between Skyne and Mukatafa gave rise to a vibrant, active and elegant brand that blends well with Mukatafa’s family of initiatives. Its mission focuses on unifying the global community with talents and experts to build a dynamic, thriving and innovative luxury industry in Saudi Arabia.

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