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Feb 23, 2020 | Branding, Design, Doing business in The Middle East, Healthcare

Skyne develops the brand identity for Wellnovation, the leading healthcare incubator in Saudia Arabia

Wellnovation is a healthcare incubator focused on improving population health by bringing innovative concepts in retail care, digital health and diagnostic to the Gulf.

Skyne was approached by Wellnovation to create a differentiating brand strategy and brand identity to stand out in a market with the healthcare system, since raising awareness on health issues can be very sensitive.

WELLNOVATION_CASESTUDY_0204174-w2000-h2000-1200x900-min WELLNOVATION_CASESTUDY_0204172-w2000-h2000-1200x900-min

Wellnovation‘s goal was to create a business that helps address critical gaps in the healthcare system by combining the most advanced science, technology, and clinical protocols.

And after a thorough assessment of the market trends, both locally and globally, reviewing and analyzing, a compelling brand strategy was developed. This included Wellnovation‘s value proposition, positioning in the market, brand story and elevator pitch.

From there the brand identity was created capturing the ambitious mindset, the powerful reputation and the invaluable network in the region into a brand identity that visually translates the image of Wellnovation as a connector and convener in the GCC healthcare market.

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