After successfully launching the new Date Pouch in the UAE market, Bateel’s Jomara, in collaboration with Skyne, launched a new packaging design for their Date Syrup (Dhibs). They released 3 new flavours; Vanilla, Passion Fruit, and Cardamom.

Apart from local Emiratis and Arabs, not many know of Dhibs or how it is used. This presented a challenge for Jomara Date Syrup. Dhibs is the Arabic word for date syrup. It has a unique sweet taste that is perfect for drizzling on pancakes, salads, and adding to smoothies. Many Emiratis use it as a substitute for honey in their daily lives. It can also be used as an alternative to sugar in teas.


The packaging design for Jomara’s Dhibs line complements their previously released Date Pouch. The packaging has two dates in the middle alongside a decorative pattern at the bottom that portrays the Arabian culture. The gold colour exudes a more premium, luxurious, and high end product, exactly what Jomara stands for.


Alongside their Date pouches, this launch is their second product category to be revamped and refined with the new packaging design and it will not end here. Skyne and Jomara continue working together to launch more products, sporting their new brand look.

The Date Syrup is now available across UAE & KSA. We definitely recommend trying it.


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