inez de rond and sheikha eisa skyne interns

Shaikha and Inez – A conversation from Europe to the Middle east

Meet our newest and brightest young interns at Skyne!

Sheikh Eisa Mohammad: Born in 2000, lives in Dubai, studying the Science of Marketing and Entrepreneurship at Zayed University. Loves video editing, production, and storytelling. Analytical, a quick learner and creative.

Inez de Rond: Born in 2000, lives in Bleiswijk, Holland, studying graphic & corporate design. Likes making graphic portraits, capturing images and kickboxing. Adventurous, creative and cheerful.


Shaikha: Hi Inez! It's great to meet you. I'm very excited to start this interview. I heard that you're a creative, can you tell me what you studied and what creativity means to you?

Inez: Hey Shaikha, very nice to meet you too! Yes, since I was little I have always been drawing and painting. When I graduated from high school, I knew I was going to choose something that had to do with graphic design. What I like about graphic design is that you can tell stories visually from the art work. Studying in Rotterdam was a good choice because I could choose between two different directions; visual design and graphic design, and I chose graphic design. I have been working on cool corporate projects that already prepared me for the “real work life”. So what have you been doing with your education?

Shaikha: That sounds great Inez! I'm almost done with my Marketing and Entrepreneurship Bachelor's at Zayed University in Dubai. It's been great. Our professors make sure to educate you depending on the ever changing job market. Other than that, I've been working on campus for most of my degree's duration. That has helped me a lot when it comes to work experience and picking up soft and hard skills. You and I are both interns at skyne. Is it safe to assume you have an interest in marketing? or do you not mind working in any industry as long as you're doing what you love in graphic design?

Inez: Design is my passion but marketing is a very important part of this job. You have to ensure that people will see your design in the market. That is why it seems very interesting to me to be more involved in the marketing aspect as well. Also, I always enjoy doing new things anyway! What motivated you to choose marketing and entrepreneurship? Can you tell me what kind of projects you’ve done?

Shaikha: It was a very hard road to actually choose a major but ultimately it was the mix of analytics and creativity that really attracted me to Marketing. I'm very analytical and I enjoy numbers and research but I didn't want my job to be entirely left brain. I wanted creativity and content creation. Marketing seemed like the best of both worlds. As for projects, I've been working on a good amount here at Skyne. We've been working on content creation and market research. Back at university, I worked at the College of Business administration and was tasked to create posters for events and guest speakers. Speaking of Skyne, what made you choose to intern there and how has it been going so far?

Inez: I have heard a lot about skyne projects throughout my life. My father [Dennis de Rond] sometimes sent me PDFs of various corporate identity designs asking for my opinion. I always found it very interesting to discuss. I often gave my top 3, explaining why I chose those. I have been working at Skyne for 3 weeks now and I have already been able to make some nice designs for the company. Patrick, a very experienced creative at Skyne, has been giving me very helpful feedback. There is a good work atmosphere in Skyne. In short, it’s already a successful internship. What is the main thing you would like to learn during your internship at Skyne?

Shaikha: I want to learn everything as much as I can so that I have experience when I get my first full time job. Mostly, I'm interested in branding and brand identity and story. I'm also interested in brand strategy which thankfully I've already been doing.

Inez: Good luck, I hope you will find an interesting job in the future. I would like to keep in touch!

Shaikha: Good luck to you too! I really enjoyed the conversation and let me know when you’re in Dubai! We’ll grab coffee together.