Art for art’s sake: Supporting the Visual Arts in Saudi Arabia

Emerging artists in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are experiencing changes and rapid growth in the arts ecosystem. These transformations are creating new opportunities for them to envision their artistic practice as the foundation for a professional career.

The Visual Arts Commission, an affiliate of the Kingdom’s Ministry of Culture, seeks to nurture the talent of art enthusiasts in Saudi Arabia, and support the production and exhibition of artwork in all its forms, locally and internationally.

Committed to developing and strengthening both national and international artistic collaboration and connection, the VAC approached Skyne to develop the brand identity of their Mentorship & Guidance Program.

Skyne's inspired identity for this program was mainly concentrated on the target audience: mostly the younger Saudi generation. To capture their minds and hearts the identity had to be abstract, yet readable, simple but applicable to a long name. Moreover, the appeal of the identity had to be timeliness whilst being modern. 

Striking this balance was a welcome challenge. A simplistic and geometric shape was created. This offered the VAC program a solid identity to be recognisable to its target audience as the commission that supports the production and exhibition of artwork in all its forms.

Proud of our pioneering and inspiring partners! 

Visual Arts Commission
Visual Arts Commission